Saturday, October 23, 2010

Love and other 4 Letter words

L.I.K.E. = another 4 letter word.  Ya'll have heard me mention that I have had a tough dating year.  I am contentedly single, but get extremely frustrated with the tom-foolery some men subject "us" too.  And I've had my share of tom-foolery within the last few years.  I mentioned in my last post that one of my girlfriends got engaged, and that weekend was a "couples" thing.  I was the only single person among 5 happy couples:  2 married, 1 engaged and 2 dating.  No....don't feel sorry for me - I had a blast!  I can deeply enjoy being around my "involved" friends, genuinely feel happy for them and enjoy their company to the fullest - which I did, awesome awesome weekend.  Again, I am (was) content.

However, the Monday after my friend's new fiance unknowingly intro'd me to his college buddy.  Long story which I really don't feel like explaining, but to make it short, we met and are in DEEP like!  I'm not trying to avoid using the other, better known four letter word - we're just not there yet.  However I must say this man is positively amazing!  Ya'll know every time I meet someone new I always say I'll keep ya posted.   And none of them have re-surfaced!  lol.  This man will be here for a while!  At the very least, I've made a great new friend, and I'm not all into the "where will we be in 5 years" thing with him, rather I am enjoying each and every single step of my new friendship/dateship!!!  Yi-ti-deeeee Phluffy Princess!

AND we're attempting to do Insanity together (he already did month 1 a while ago with tremendous success), but here is the kicker....we're long distance!  Which of course presents its challenges, but with my school schedule and his career demands, its actually A-okay.  So....I found an Insanity system online (well, my brother did) and we are starting together on November 1st.  Ughhhhhh....wish me luck with it!  Since my "lifestyle change" or re-committment, I've prayed for a partner who would work out with me and understand and support my fitness goals.  My last relationship was with a man who was attempting depserately to gain weight and would force feed me cookies late at night, before that was a man who met me at my adult low (fresh from WW) and did not understand my eating goals/plan.  A couple of my male friends work out all the time, but tell me I look fine and are not interested in doing anything together.  This year I said to Jesus - look, it is important for me to have a partner that I can be physically active with, where we are both committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  Make that number 77 on my "list"!!!! Amen. lol.  Well, God (as always) delivered!  He's a water drinking, long-term healthy lifestyle committed, ex-athlete who has to actively WORK to stay in shape person - just like ME!

Can ya tell I'm on cloud NINE?!?!  


  1. Reading this made me smile! I know the feeling - yup - it's "Deep Like"! You are giddy and happy and your words are glowing!LOL!

    I'm so happy for you! He sounds wonderful! Isn't amazing how God works!

  2. There is NOTHING like that feeling. :-D Happy for you.

  3. Good for you! Looks like I am the last single person left...hahahah. I pray everything works out for the best!

  4. I got the idea from a magazine, I won't lie. Some of the tips I took and others I made my own.