Friday, October 8, 2010

Stress - I guess there is an "up" side?

Hello Friends!
I am going to stop apologizing for not writing posts that a directly weight loss related.  I read your blogs and love the posts about your life and the times that I have written about non-weight loss related "stuff" it was very therapeutic!  So as for me right now, I have been extremely stressed because due to something I overlooked, I have roughly a $20K balance for medical school that I cannot have covered by federal financial aid.  I won't go into all the boring details but needless to say...I'M STRESSED!  That is probably the most extreme understatement I have ever made.  I'm trying to research ways I can come up with extra money - and I had no idea some people make GOOD money blogging!  Ha!  After a little research I realize that is not the answer to my prayers because I don't have the dedication that I would need but it was interesting information nonetheless, and makes me want to support those who do earn supplemental income via blogging.  There is always an honest way to make an extra buck!  God has taught me a lot through this situation and I believe he is going to show favor upon me and help me to work everything out.  Well...yes, I am stressed and for once in my life I have lost my appetite.  I got on the scale this morning after essentially not doing anything for the past 1-2 weeks...and I'm DOWN 2 lbs!  Not the healthy thing, so I am going to work out a bit tonight after all if I continue to do that, I'm losing muscle and fat - definitely not going to give me the figure I'm after!

Anyways, that's what is going on in my life right now.  I am almost to a big landmark at which time I will return to posting weigh-ins.  So that not all is lost in this is a non-scale victory that I accomplished:
25 consecutive, no breaks, MAN style push ups in a row!  
Now that I have been away from working out for a bit, I hope that I can still do that!  :-)


  1. That's an AWESOME NSV!!!

    And I have no doubt you'll figure it out. I'm going through some pretty stressful stuff too but just take it day by day.

    And I agree with you... reading non-weight-loss posts are interesting!

  2. Ah man! That's alot of $$'s! Knowing I owed that much and not knowing how the ham sandwich I was going to come up with it...ya, that would take my appetite way fer sure!

    Hang in there - AND congrats on the man push ups!!! I think I can do ONE!!

  3. Dayum...I can only imagine how you must feel. I know the stress of money issues so I'll pray for you I really will.
    Blogging is therapeutic...and maybe if you explore how you will come out of this situation you can help someone else and make a little change in the process *shrugs* just a thought :-)
    25 man style...GET IT CHICK!

  4. Hnag in there girl! I'll keep you in my prayers, I know God will make a way for you.

  5. I hope everything works out for the best. I can relate to money woes, and yes that can bring you down. But I'm sure God has some favor stored up for you. Your season is coming.

    Congrats on your 25 push ups.