Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm back and have a lot to say....

I'm still in the fight for weight loss.  However, I haven't lost anything since we last "spoke."  I actually was up to 163 but now I'm back to 160.  I have been working out regularly, but not eating cleanly, healthily, dieting....whichever term you use, I have not been doing it.  I honestly believe part of the reason I've been struggling to get back on board is because I was away from my blog.  When I did WW in the past, I don't think my success was due to the plan....I think it was the accountability.  I'm an I didn't want to get on the scale and have anyone tell me I was "up" any pounds.  I wanted to show that I could do it, if to no one else but to myself, and by being weighed in weekly it kept me honest.  I appreciate you all so much for being my "lady behind the desk" and being concerned about me while gone.  I realize, that I while I can do it without you - I don't want to.  I know I will be much more successful with you.  I've missed reading your stories, encouraging and supporting you, joining your challenges, giving cyber hugs, and literally smiling so hard at the screen when you report a milestone that you've surpassed.  It is amazing how much you have come to mean to me.

Now onto some of the life type updates...
  • My laptop died!  But I gave it electric shocks and brought it back to life!  That would've been a disaster of ginormous proportions!  So I'm glad I could cancel that funeral!
  • My brother has been on a workout plan and has helped a young girl at church lose about 40 pounds in a little less than 4 months.  And I am jealous!  Like deep seeded jealous!  I feel he hasn't called me, supported me, encouraged me, helped me at all!  And although this young lady is 21 (and at 21 when I did WW the weight did fly offa me) and is a completely different person than I am, I can't help but feel she has taken up time that belongs to me.  And she's being doing that in other ways with my brother as well...and here is the only place I will allow myself to admit my jealousy aloud.....which feels good to let out.
  • I've been concentrating a lot on my spiritual growth.  I changed churches a few months ago and have gained so much knowledge since then.  It was truly divine intervention that led me to this church where I am being provided exactly what I need.  This is partially the reason I was away from blogging.
  • I met someone very nice.  I will update on that in the future if there is still something to update on at that time!  But I pray that it is something that will bring me happiness and content and not pain or hurt.  And I believe God will graciously answer that prayer.  And regardless of whether it leads to friendship or a relationship, that is enough for me!
  • I am studying for boards....the MAIN reason I've been away from blogging.  Once a certain length of time goes by it feels like I have too much to say to do a "quick" blog!  So....I end up putting it off until I have more time, which of course never seemed to come!  Hence the reason I'm up at 3 a.m. typing!
  • I have not and will not stop losing until I have reached my goal.  No matter whether I am blogging or not, trust me, I am in this to win this.  Whether I have setbacks, gains or losses, I am in this for life.  Never will I disappear and say....I just gave up.  No No NO NO NO!  NEVER!  20 years from now I hope to be blogging (about maintaining my loss of course) and continuing to talk about my journey.  This is for life!   135 here I come! 
In any event, I appreciate each and every one of you and will do my best to catch up on your lives, weight loss journeys, in one case pregnancy, and recoveries.  You all are definitely in my prayers....especially Tammy for a permanent position and Pam for reasons she knows.  Seriously, I mean it - I have been praying for you regardless of the length of time I've been "gone."  Now....back to the regularly scheduled weight loss!  XOXOXOXOXO!


  1. I am glad that you are back. I wish you all the best with your Board exams.

  2. Good to hear that everything is alright with you! Best of Luck on your exams! Let's Get it! :D

  3. YAYYY
    I missed your post; and I really enjoyed this one. I was smiling at the post....LOL
    Spiritual growth, mental growth and physical I truly believe all tie in together. You are on you way to living your very best life and years from now I will be reading. Stay encouraged and welcome back!


  4. Awww...thank you for your prayers. They do mean a lot. I have been praying for you as well, especially in your long absence and not knowing what has been going on! I am so glad to see that for the most part, its been good things that have kept you from us.
    Congrats on the someone special, and bringing your laptop back from the brink of death! I lost my PC for YEAR once - it was not a good time.
    Best of luck on your boards - can't wait to hear from you again and hope its not this long next time! ; )

  5. I know what you mean, I love this blogging community. The support is phenominal! You are so determined and I just love it! You will be blogging 20 years from now about how you are maintaining. I got a feeling, you will be reaching your goal sooner than you think. Good luck on your board exams!

  6. I'm so glad you are back and that things in your life are going well (church and potential relationship!) The blogging world is such a great place for support and encouragement - I love it!

  7. I have something for you on my blog : )

  8. Miss you when you don't post:) I wanted to let you know I am down to 157.5 this am! Happy News right?
    Found the deal of a lifetime a Proform upright bike for $10.00 Friday at a garage sale.
    Stop by and say hi on my blog sometime again and yep I will "Shreding" with you some more this week it is HARD but the results are coming along.