Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New plans!

I've been in a reading and commenting flurry for the past hour or so and there is too much good stuff going on with you all to mention each by blog and name.  So if I fail to credit your blog...please forgive me.  I usually try to link to the post where I gained my info or inspiration from, but since I was on a blogcation (due to my study schedule)....I had to catch up on everyone's plans.

Now one blog I read about a month ago from Annie was about how its all about her.  How she'd whine about the scale not moving, why she wasn't at her goal, etc etc...but when she really sat down and started to think about it, it was really her own fault that things weren't going well as far as the scale was concerned.  How she'd justify eating something she should resist (a second slice of cake for example) because she worked out extra hard that day.  I realized I do the exact same thing.

Pam at The Rest of the Journey recently began following the Weight Watchers plan. Her reasons were so sound.  She realized she was able to have success up until this point with just cutting back, eating cleaner, exercising and making better choices.  But to get her to the next level in weight loss she felt she needed to up her game so to speak and be a little more disciplined in her diet.  I agree for myself.  I need to do something MORE than my current diet plan.  I tried to avoid counting, weighing, measuring, writing, tracking, and adding at all costs.  BUT....if it ain't broke....don't fix it right?!  I am seriously considering revisiting Weight Watchers.  I know the plan, I am comfortable with it, it isn't as restricting as my current plan and it worked.  What is stopping me, is I want to be sure that I will be successful with MAINTAINING my weight loss.  I'm not concerned about getting there.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will see 135 by the end of the year.  Yes, I am claiming it.  Yes, I am saying it.  Yes, I am bold, confident and sure of myself.  But the question the close of 2011, 2012 will I still be seeing 135 on the scale if I return to Weight Watchers? Hmmmmm......

For those who watch the Biggest Loser, you know how someone almost willingly sends themselves off the ranch saying "I've learned what I need to do, I can do this at home" and the other contestants get upset with them and say "There is no way you've learned all you can about weight loss.  We all need to be here, there is more for us to learn."?  That is how I feel.  While I am very sure that I will lose the weight - and I will....I am not confident in my long-term maintenance abilities.  Over the past 6 weeks I've eaten fast food, gone back to my one meal a day habit, and eating way too many sweets in one sitting.  I want to have that same confidence that I KNOW when the time comes, I will be happily maintaining, not struggling with every food choice I make.  I'm not there yet.  Definitely not.

I just am ready to see success on the scale again.  Not to discount the importance on NSVs but...I need some big numbers lost on the scale to motivate me ya know?  And its not just for motivation...I need to get back to losing. This is a ridiculously long plateau...and its not even really a plateau cause I know full good and dang well I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing!  I looked back and my last few posts and I was tired and disappointed in all of the whining, the struggling, the excuses, the gains, and all of that jazz.

I'm ready for a great post with great information and great weight loss numbers.  It's summer and I'm trying to get my sexy back ya'll!  Sooooo - I'm seriously getting on with it.  This is the last "pump me up" post.  Next one will be some numbers, hard core on the scale numbers!!!!  Its do or die time....I'm bout to turn my swag on!!!! *looks in the mirror and says "wassup?!" to reflection*  

I'm currently doing the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred along with Melissa, Susan, and Miss Haneefa (check out their blogs....look at my followers to find them).  I'm going to restart it tomorrow cause I was sick as a DOG this weekend...I had serious gastrointestinal problems, the details of which I will surely spare you!  lol.  


  1. Welcome back! It is a new day and there is no time like the present. I love that you aren't making any excuses. You know where you failed and you know how to make this weight loss journey a success. I can't wait to see you succeed. JM's 30 Day Shred is golden. I live by that DVD!!! You are going do do great! Let's Get it!!!

    Totally off topic but what is NSV? :)

  2. I love what you said about needing to step up your game. Though I'm not sure that applies for you, it does for me. I have gotten down to a weight that has been hard for me to get past. It's time for me to do some things differently that I have in the past in order to get to my goal weight!!! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. It's always good to assess how you're doing and make adjustments! For me, I just couldn't see doing Weight Watchers forever, you know? Counting those points was too micro-management for me.
    I do know that I HAVE to track my food - I just go off the deep end when I stop journaling. But I also like the freedom of pretty much eating what I want if I plan for it - if I want some ice cream tonight, I know that I have to put it in my journal, and that means I can't have an iced coffee and cookie when I go out to lunch...

  4. Glad your back! Guurrrllll.... that Jillian Michaels is a butt kicker,LOL!! but I am enjoying it. Glad you are doing it with us!

    Oh and you had my cracking up with the comment about getting your swag on, too funny, LOL!!