Monday, September 20, 2010

Save $$$ - Use the Library!

Hello Everyone!  I'm back on the losing side of things.  I looked back and realized I didn't lose ANYTHING all freakin' summer.  Smh.  I didn't gain what I'd lost back however....that just is not enough.  160+ lbs on my 5'3" frame just will not work.  Plus, I'd stopped working out to get my schedule re-adjusted, so while I was maintaining my weight I was gaining inches (and body fat also I'd imagine) which made my body look a lot "phluffier!"  So rather than to blog about how I was NOT losing, I just decided to chill - refocus and revamp.  And yes, I'm losing again! I will post a weigh in when I hit my mini-milestone, which should be soon...

Anyways - as you may remember I canceled my Comcast services.  No cable, internet or home phone.  I was using my cell to get online and going to my local library to study and use the internet as well.  When I signed up for my library card, the gentleman explained the features of the website and about checking items out:  CDs, DVDs, Audiobooks and regular books.  I browsed some of the DVDs just for fun and was amazed to see seasons of Grey's Anatomy and The Cosby Show (the greatest sitcom of ALL times) available.  Out of curiosity...I looked up some other shows that I followed closely at some point, but had lost track of over the years and they had Soul Food:  The Series and I was ecstatic!  Having these shows available to check out by entire seasons at a time really helped me go without cable!

One day while studying there I decided to browse through the non-fiction because I was looking for the Christian-inspiration section.  Amongst the shelves was a full health, diet and fitness section!  I thought OMGoodness, wow!  I bee-lined to the electronic card catalog and looked up Jillian Michaels, and wah-la - not only were her books available, but also all her DVDs as well as the Biggest Loser workouts!!!  My best friend recently bought a couple of belly-dance workouts and I decided to see if they had any available.  YUP!  The new JM Dvd that LeeLee reviewed?  YUP!  Cookbooks?  YUP!  In my city, there are different locations but they are linked so that you can request material from any of the city's locations and pick it up at your local branch.  I couldn't believe I had slept on library checkouts for so long!  Talk about saving money!  Most times we can copy recipes we want to try out of a cookbook or write them down.  DVDs are a great thing to get from your library because you can constantly change your workout to avoid boredom.  You can try something new to see if you like it without spending any cash.  So check out your local library, especially if you are near a city because I can almost guarantee they will have something you find useful!


  1. The library is such a great resource; I go through phases where I use it frequently. Its an awesome way to try out a workout dvd before shelling out the money for it. Personally, I try to stay away from checking out cookbooks... since I tend to be a messy cook, lol. :)

    I'm right there with you on a summer of non-loss. Well, in my case I gained a bit while on vacation at the beginning of summer and managed to lose back to where I was at the beginning of summer. And yeah, the gym has been nonexistent ant my measurements are telling the story there for sure. Time to get back to the swing of things.

  2. I am so glad to see you posting! I did get your email and love you for it -- I'll be sending you one soon!
    Congrats on losing again - I am hoping that this will be my new normal too!
    (We got rid of our cable last Feb & can I tell you how happy I am that the new TV season starts tonight??)
    Don't be a stranger!!

  3. WOW! Your library sounds like heaven! I love the library, but mine is not THAT good. Looks like you have stumbled on a pot of gold! You will have to keep us posted in the videos that you rent.

  4. I am probably banned from my library for not returning a CD I checked out last Christmas. O_o
    I love Christmas music so I ended up getting a bunch of CDs and downloading the music to my ipod! GIRL enjoy the library.

  5. Hey girl! Glad your back! :) I work at a library so I'm always checking out books for me and my son, instead of spending money. On Friday's I always bring home movies for us to watch instead of paying money to rent them. One privilege I get, since I work there I have no return date on my items so I can keep stuff forever. It's really nice. Glad you found some great treasures about the library!