Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slave to hair....SEWED SOME IN!

Ya'll have heard me talk about how "we" - both African American women and WOMEN in general of all races will alter our physical activity based on our hair!  I've read about the Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) craze in one of the zillions of mags I read - one woman wrote about her experience.  How after having it done, you cannot get it wet for 4 days, no showering, no swimming, and....YEP no sweating!  This was a white woman, so its not just "us."  Before relaxing my hair I won't workout for the prior 2-3 days because increased blood flow to the scalp can make the experience less than pleasant....okay, okay, I'll just come out and say it - it'll BURN!  Lately I've been rollersetting my hair each weekend.  I swear, whenever I do it, I feel so beautiful, my hair is so soft and bouncy.  Then I consider going to the gym.  I usually say....lemme just HAVE the weekend (I do my hair Friday or Saturday) then the curls stay intact.  Monday rolls around and I say "Oooh my hair looks good still"  so I won't go!  I am in the process of growing my hair out.  Its almost back to the longest I've ever been able to grow it (which is between APL & BSL for those on hair boards/forums) back in my early 20's - and it was WORK then - and so far I am in love with it!  However, lately I've been feeling like its taking over my life!  At night, I debate how I'm going to wear it the next day...I carefully moisturize and place it in plaits, rollers or pincurls.  If the style is cute, I don't wanna work out the next day!  Then if I do....my scalp is sweaty and after 2-3 days it becomes itchy so I wash it.  For those who are not aware, typically black women don't wash their hair as frequently as women of other races because our hair is drier by nature.  So at best I'm wearing a style for THREE DAYS and lord knows I don't have the time or patience to rollerset mid-week!  I wasn't like this when I first started either journey (hair or weight loss) seems like it was easier.  Maybe because my hair was shorter?  IDK because I think longer hair is easier.  At least I can do a bun/ponytail and look presentable now.  I think maybe its because now that its longer, I love wearing it out! 

Anywhoooo, I'm just ranting about how I felt.  And I wanted a change for the fall.  So....I sewed some hair in!  That's right I pulled out my "bin o' hair" found some Virgin Indian Hair I bought a couple years ago but never used, did a lil research and installed it myself!  Normally I have a stylist do it, but it was such a spur of the moment thing plus I don't know who I trust to do it here (in my current city), and it's EXPENSIVE!  I'm sure with working out it won't last me the 3 months I normally keep it in, but only 6-8 weeks.  I've done weaves on other people many times - and they always look FIYAH if I do say so myself.  So I decided to do it myself!  I do need some practice I will admit but the finished product is gawwww-geous, and I feel free to workout as much as I want! 


    SO I FEEL THI POST 1000%
    NOW i WANNA sEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lol, girl I totally understand where you're coming from. I can't do the sew in thing because my scalp just itches whenever I do braids or anything like that so I am leaning toward giving up the "creamy crack". I want to transition without doing the big chop but I don't have the patience for the detangling process. It has been a hair dilemma all around for the last month or so. I gave in and relaxed it last week but after all that burning... I think I'm just gonna have to transition.

  3. Girl us black women and our hair.. especially when we try to work out, it can be a headache, LOL!! But I just decided during the summer & warmer months, I just wear it in a bun Mon-Friday because of the workouts. I've tried to wrap it when I work out but my scalp be so wet. So buns and ponytails work best for me. I do spray it when I'm finished working out with Carol's Daughter Leave in Conditioner. It refreshens your hair after a workout. It works for me, but is a bit pricey. Most weekends I try to wear it down because I'm like you, I want to spice up my look at least on the weekend, LOL!! Hopefully this will work for you. I'm trying to give up relaxers all together and I'm not doing the big chop, so it's been interesting. I don't relax a lot anyways, but I don't want to relax at all. We shall see how long this last, LOL!! Anyway's.. so us girl.. let us see!! :-)