Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I just love Raven-Symone!

I've always loved Raven-Symone!  She is only a bit younger than me and I love her self-confidence, her business savvy, her frank honesty.  I've always identified with her weight "issues" (although I am not actually sure she has any in her own head) because she looks absolutely stunning at any size.  And if I do say so myself...so do I!  LOL.  No seriously, I gain about 20 lbs before people really see it.  Like some may notice 10-15 lbs if I say something, but usually its about a 20 lbs fluctuation before I get comments.  I'm very proportioned, and I maintain that hourglass figure (roughly) even at 170+ although it is much sloppier!  I feel that is exactly how Raven-Symone is....when she is heavier, she still looks great because all the pieces are in proper "order".  I mean the boobs are bigger than the stomach, thighs & hips are curvy, booty is rounder than belly, etc.  So I've always identified with her body in my mind.  As Wendy Williams says "she's been a friend in my head for years!"  Anywhoooo, I noticed last year that she reportedly lost 35 lbs!  How ironic is it that that is the exact amount of weight I am going to lose (notice I did not say trying to lose)?!  HOW IRONIC THAT SHE WENT FROM 170 TO 135?!?!?!?!  I don't know if or how she has maintained it, Speaking of Wendy, I actually just saw her on an episode of  The Wendy Williams Show (note how she is ranting about blogs, don't worry girl, this is a good one! lol), and although she looked fabulous, to me she looked a just a tag heavier than when she was on Tyra.  To my eye, she looked svelte & healthy at both appearances, and I know she does not desire to be thin but HOORAY for losing to a healthy weight!!!  That's how you campaign being curvy & healthy!!!  Go Raven!

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  1. I love Raven as well and she is a great role model for my daughter. I think she looks fabulous with the weight loss but, like you said she has always carried her weight well! Such a beautiful young woman!