Thursday, February 18, 2010

Working it Out!!!

I have a home gym.  Not one of those bowflex types of machines, but enough equipment that I literally have a home gym.  I will be posting pictures of my fitness space soon.  I have a NordicTrack elliptical machine, on of the steps from The Firm workout system, a 9 lb body bar, dumbells (2, 5 and 10 lbs), resistance bands (both handled and non), a body bar, and thigh master.  Not to mention the couple of workout DVD's I own & Exercise TV On Demand.  WHEW!  Now, there is absolutely no reason I cannot workout regularly, right?!  Oh and I forgot to mention that my apartment complex has a workout room.

With all of that, what I am about to say may make absolutely NO SENSE to you...but I will share nonetheless.  I joined a gym.  Wait wait wait, before you gasp and wonder why I would waste my money, let me explain!  I am trying to figure out all of my shortcomings and roadblocks and what I can do to overcome them.  And to be honest, working out regularly is a challenge for me.  And beyond that, working out with intensity is difficult for me.  So, when I kept seeing a special for a local gym for $14.95 per month with a month-to-month contract, I absolutely HAD to learn more.  Once I went in, I saw some machines that of course would help me tone certain areas that I may not be able to do on my own, but does that justify me joining, even if it is only $15?!  The answer is no.  I joined specifically to hire a personal trainer.  My mother hired one a few months ago and got fantastic results.  I wanted to hire a trainer for a number of reasons, please allow me to share:
  • To be pushed beyond my comfort zone and my own limitations.  This will really accelerate my weight lose, help me to burn more calories, and get my trouble zones toned more quickly.
  • To force me to exercise regularly.  If I make an appointment, I am going to keep it.  That is really simple enough.
  • Its the "accountability" factor.  If I have to weigh in & have my measurements taken in front of someone I'm going to do what I have to do to get those results.  I think that is why Weight Watchers worked for me also.
  • I want to get my money's worth.  I won't slack off when working with the trainer because I am paying my good money for it!
So I begin tomorrow - I chose to work with a man.  Am I setting the feminist movement back by admitting that I prefer a man to work me out?  For whatever reason I feel they will be able to push me harder and get better results.  If it was Jillian Michaels (of NBC's The Biggest Loser) I wouldn't feel that way, but the woman I witnessed in action today had such a soft-spoken, quiet demeanor....and that is NOT what I want.  I want someone who is going to MAKE me work hard!!!!  My body fat percentage is 34.6%...I will let you know my measurements tomorrow.  They will be taking a before picture because they "felt" I would be a good advertisement person (I will be posting a pic of my body only).  Another point of accountability - they had full confidence that I would be an awesome client and I will be damned if I prove them wrong!

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  1. I think your reasons are great for joining the gym!!! Though if I had an Elliptical I would be set! :)