Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late with updating!

I totally have neglected my blog!!!  The importance of beginning this blog was not to gain followers, not to have a certain number of hits, etc. but to journal my innermost thoughts on losing weight.  Now that I have seemingly "left the building" for a few weeks let me recap the last few weeks.  I lost 3 lbs during my detox phase.  I was somewhat disappointed but realized I wasn't going to drop a big number for a few reasons:
  1. I did not exercise 5 days a week as I was supposed to - it was more like 2 days a week.  This is probably the #1 reason I didn't lose more.
  2. I don't weigh that much to begin with.  I am not minimizing my weight by any means.  I am overweight (yay for moving out of the obese category!) and I understand that.  But for most women in my weight category, losing between 1-2 lbs per week is normal.
That left me at 171.  I then entered Phase II of the diet and was doing really well, but then I left my parent's home and returned to school where I live alone.  Once I got back to my apartment, I did not have any food so I was eating out for a few days, didn't get right into exercising...yet again, and had a few "treats."  That being said, I did not gain any weight, but I did not lose anything either.

Now fast forward to today and I weigh 167.0 lbs!  YAY!  So in one month I have lost 6 lbs.  Not bad, but could be better.  I am definitely back on my game, eating extremely healthy and I have began exercising regularly - FINALLY!  I will give more details on my diet and exercise regimen in a separate post!  6 lbs down, approximately 1/5 of my goal!!!! Gotta celebrate the little victories!

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