Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is that ME?!

I don't know about you, but whenever I am in the store - and I catch my reflection, I stop and examine.  Now, when I was my heaviest....I would purposely avoid looking at myself.  And its not only with weight.  If I was having a horrible hair day, wasn't wearing any makeup, or my skin decided to regress to my teenage years....I tried not to peek.  However if I caught my reflection, I would stop and reflect.  Now that I've started losing weight, I have been anxious to start seeing the results.  I fit my clothes differently, no question about that.  But do I see visible results....not quite yet.  I see some changes but I haven't lost enough to look in the mirror and say "WOW!" yet.  I figure part of the reason is because my mind hadn't accepted just how heavy I had become, so now that I've lost a little bit, my body is simply at the point that my mind thought I was.  LOL. I caught my reflection in the security camera at a fast food restaurant (getting a salad).  Normally - no matter what, I am disappointed with the image of myself on those things.  The color does weird things to my skin, it doesn't pick up the shine in my hair, and everyone knows the camera really does add 10 lbs!!!!  Because I am aware of those distortions, I don't even take it to heart. But - when I glanced up today, I said to myself "Oh my gosh - is that me?!"    I looked....thin!  I surreptitiously turned from side to side to make sure what I was seeing was accurate and sure enough - I looked....thin!  Not skinny, not at my goal...but improved, that's for sure!  And I got excited.  It is the first time I really noticed my weight loss aside from the just-out-of-the-shower-bathroom-bright-light scrutinizing that I do every week after my weigh ins!  Then I am usually turning from side to side examining different areas for changes - and sometimes I see them, sometimes I don't.

Today's reflection surprised and pleased me.  I walked out thinking "Yep...that is ME! And we're only going up from here." 


  1. Kudoos to you girl! It is such a confidence booster when you start to notice your body changes. Congrat to you girl!

  2. GET IT chick!!!!
    That made me smile.
    I need to catch up on the blog. I scanned and saw that horrid date but the hair was cute and those nails were FIRE darling...!

  3. I love your attitude!! You are going to meet everyone one of our goals...I can just tell! I, too, am motivated by the "we're only going up from here" mindset! Stay focused :)

  4. Princess....your comment was right on point…..but I plan on doing even one better I use the term "friend" loosely....let me say co-worker. My friends would NEVER....

    Anyway....the next time she sees me po thang won’t know what to say.
    People like that I can’t even waste this good energy on you know....they make me laugh.
    CHILLLEEEE…..thanks for the words though :-)