Friday, May 7, 2010

Weigh-In (Week 15)

Up 0.6 to 160.4 lbs.  Two things:

1) Its that TOM so I am hoping I am retaining water and
2) My area had a natural disaster.  In the 3 grocery stores by my house there was no meat, dairy, produce, or frozen anything.  I had plenty of meat at home but no veggies, so I have been eating out a lot this week.  And not good stuff either...sorry to report.

I've been exercising...but I realize that the same things are not causing me to gasp for air, be sore, or fatigue me the way they did even just a month ago.  I've got to step up my intensity.  I went swimming yesterday and swam laps.  And let me just fun as it was, I definitely burned some calories because I was gasping for air after each lap!!!! LOL.  Not a great week, but noting to be depressed about either....I am going to 2-a-days this week.  Two of my May goals are to exercise 400 minutes per week and to complete 10 2-a-days.  I'm going to get that crackin' this week!


  1. You really could be retaining water from TOM. I'm sorry to hear that your area had a natural disaster I hope your OK.
    400 minutes is a lot to exercise in a week. I'm impressed I usually try to get in about 300 minutes of cardio a week plus 2x a week with serious weight training and ab work 3x a week.
    Hang in there the results will come!

  2. I HATE TOM! Drink lots of water (that is my answer to everything...)

  3. LOL!!! MissH is right!!! Add 3 more cups of water in your day & you will be fine! Wait until your next weigh in after TOM!!! You're going to love it! :)