Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Weekend: Date, Hair, Nails, & Church!

This wasn't a great weekend for me food wise.  For some odd reason I decided to celebrate my week's victorious loss with....Mexican on Friday.  And I got such a yummy meal. It was orgasmic.  Definitely not something I can have often, it was a tower of meat, tortilla, cheese sauce....but so so so good!   Then Saturday I had Subway for lunch - hello sodium, welcome back.  Then I went on a date that evening...I chose wisely but still...home-cooking is usually safer.  Nevertheless I am back on track...and still plan to lose this week.  No more celebrating until my birthday - at which I should be 153!  (that's the goal anyways....)

I painted my nails in a cheetah print pattern and I love the results.  I went on a date Saturday and wore a pair of large cheetah print earrings, cream blouse, black wide leg pants and cheetah print shoes.  I noticed the outfit fit SO NICELY!  Everything was a medium, but previously the wide leg pants fit nearly like stretch pants over my booty and thighs.  But now, they hang and go straight down, no curvature where they are adjusting to the fat thighs being shoved in them!  I looked very nice if I do say so myself.  Too bad the date was bad terrible!  The guy was SO SELF-ABSORBED!  He talked about himself, practically non-stop (I had to just interject here and there) and didn't ask me a single question.  Not one.  I mean - I talk a lot, trust me.  But if someone asks "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"  and you proceed to talk about each of your siblings in detail, their ages, what they want to be "when they grow up" and even their HAIR (one has dreadlocks like him and the sister just cut hers, toldja he talked a lot, why else would I know all of this already?!) - dontcha think you should at least return the question back to me?!?!?!?!  I mean if nothing else and you are unable to make pleasant convo, simply return the questions you are asked.  Sheesh.  I will not NEVER go out with him again, needless to say...the sad thing is - he will never know his faults.  I think he is one of those types that attracts women so frequently that he never had to develop a nice personality....not sure what his deal is, but I'm not going to be the one to straighten it out.  I kind've got that feeling when I first met him, but decided to go out and give him the benefit of the doubt.  EPIC FAIL.

But here are my nails and earrings, and my hairdo!  I had a flower clip in the side and had kind've a retro-pin up look going on in the front.  SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!  Don't you love those days when everything is working for you?  Hair is right, skin & makeup glows, outfit is on point....well I had one of those days Saturday.  And even though the date was bad....I still liked getting prettied up.

Church was also very good.  The sermon was about God taking you through something you thought was impossible.  And when He does that for you, be sure to have landmarks and souvenirs so you can look back and remember where He brought you from and so you can testify and witness to others.  This is as the Israelites did with the stones after they crossed the Jordan river (Joshua 4:19-24).  Awesome message....God truly has brought me through many "Jordans" in my life...things I didn't think I could do, and definitely wasn't able to do on my own.

Well - that was my was yours?


  1. Super fun nails!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure your looked beautiful, sorry the date sucked

  2. Cool nails! Sorry the date was a bust, but you know you have kiss a certain number of frogs. Hope the next one's less froggy!

  3. Love the nails!!!! Do you do them yourself? Seriously... I love nails.


  4. Love the hair and nails! Sounds like your outfit was FIERCE!!