Sunday, July 11, 2010

Am I missing that gene?

I'm not sure what it is that I am missing - maybe my "fat gene" replaced my "I love to workout" gene, I don't know but working out still isn't FUN for me yet!  I find myself thinking about it constantly...what am I going to do today, and if not what then when.  I've fallen off the bandwagon of doing it first thing in the morning so more times than not lately I'm up at 1 a.m. poppin' in a DVD.  I feel GREAT when I finish, but getting the motivation to get started is the difficult part for me.  I'm glad that I'm still going and so thankful each time I look in the mirror that things have elongated and flattened since the start of my journey.  But then I see things that should be further along due to my lack of discipline and I get a little frustrated with myself.  I keep reminding myself that my original goal was to go back home for the holidays at a svelte 140 lbs or less.  So with half a year gone, I essentially have 20 lbs to lose by Thanksgiving.  Doable, realistic, and a healthy goal.  That being said, I have to keep finding ways to make it FUN for me.  This week it came in the form of a well spent $2 at K-mart.  A HULA HOOP!  Man, I used to love my purple and white hula hoop as a child (although I was never very good at it).  And its summer - what says summer fun more than a good hula?  So I randomly stop what I'm doing throughout the day (study break, cleaning break) to hula for about 5 minutes.  I can do it while squatting, on one foot, rocking....all kinds of ways to work different muscle groups, burn a few calories and have a little fun.  I've also used it as my warm up (because I HATE the warmups on my Firm DVDs).  Check me out ya'll......

Fun with Hula Hoop from PhluffyPrincess on Vimeo.

What are some secrets you have for making working out fun? 


  1. Girl I am scared of you! Look at you go! I am truly impressed. I have a weighted hula hoop but it was to hard to make it go. That really looked like fun and you make me want to go out a buy just a regular hula hoop. Love the vlog!

    You will reach your 20 lb goal by the holidays. that is totally doable.

    My secret to making working out fun...sometimes I put on high heels and perform some of my awesome stripper moves. Sometimes just dancing with wild abandon can be really fun and it also makes you feel sexy.

  2. I've been having a terrible problem with getting started lately too. Some days I literally sit in the gym parking lot & cannot force myself to go in for some reason... but if I just force myself through the doors then I'm fine and get in a great workout. The Hula Hoop does sound like a lot of fun... I may just have to go shopping, lol.

  3. Is that 702? Damn, I miss 90's R and B. That was the stuff. I am really impressed with your moves you go girl.When I work out everything is a competition. when I am on the traeadmill or other machine I always try and see howlong I can go at a certain level, then I raise the level if I can do it.

  4. I love that you are finding ways to keep yourself motivated. You're doing so well :)

  5. WORK IT GIRL!!!! LOL!! You are working that hula hoop. Now I must go to kmart this weekend to get me a hula hoop.. I aint got nothing on you though girl, LOL!! This is a great idea to get some exercise in, how creative!!