Thursday, July 22, 2010

Worthy of America's Funniest Home Videos!

I hadn't planned on blogging today at all. So this will definitely be a quick one.  Last night I went to the gym, rather late I may add and said "Okay....let's attempt to run for 10 minutes."  I surprised myself by making it to 5 minutes!!!  Two minutes longer than my previous "best" effort!  Very nice, but still short of my goal.  I said okay I am going to walk at a high incline for another 15 minutes then do some stair climbing and abs for a total workout time of about 40 minutes or so.  Well, I finished up my 20 minutes on the treadmill and the machine goes into cooldown mode.  I hit the "stop" button, hopped off and went to get the sanitary spray and paper towels to wipe down the machine.  I step back onto the treadmill, at which point I realize it is still moving!!!!!!!  I fall to the side and it throws me off the back into the wall directly behind it.  I say "OH MY GOD!" and just stare at the blasted thing.  Evidently hitting stop during the cool down just prompts the machine to display the workout summary.  It doesn't actually turn the thing off!  Now...this lady beside me walking at all of 3.2 mph doesn't even break stride or blink.  The lady on the elliptical in front of me turns around and says (trying to hold in her smile) "OH MY, ARE YOU OKAY?!"  I get up, say "I didn't realize the machine was still on", and notice her surpressed smile.  "Thank you for asking if I was okay before laughing, but its okay....I realize that had to be funny."  She then lets loose a wail of laughter and says "I'm glad you're okay."  I glance at the woman beside me and I'm still amazed she hasn't said a word...but whatever. 

I then promptly texted my trainer and said - this is all your fault!  You and your "go hard, every time!"  He asked if I was okay...then told me to try the 10 minutes again at a lower speed.  SMH.  Forever the trainer!  lol.

So this weekend I'm going away to a nearby city.  Its totally spontaneous and out of character for me to do something this last minute but hey....I need a break.  Normally I immediately turn-down something like this but I was just complaining to my friends and family about burnout and this is just what the doctor ordered!  I am so excited.  I need a break, time away, a weekend to party!  And party I will do!  I will have to post pics of my outfits!!!!  YESSSSSS!


  1. I’m happy your ok and can laugh about it. No Lie I would have been that lady on the elliptical. Once I knew you were ok…..LMAOOOO.
    Way to go on pushing yourself too!!!
    Oh and I still have those VHS tapes if you want them just say the word!

  2. - Your daily Doze of Laughter Videos

  3. Haha. Don't worry, I've had several similar embarrassing incidents at the gym, in the swimming pool, on tennis courts- generally whenever I attempt to excercise!

    It's all part of the battle- Keep it up!