Saturday, July 10, 2010

Swim PAR-TAY!!!

Everyone knows that when adults throw a cookout/swim/pool party - its not actually about swimming.  It's about lookin cute in your bathing suit, dancin' to the music, and in my case a lil' flirting!!!!  I had one to attend yesterday and decided to pull out a 2-piece bathing suit, just to try on.  Not that I am anywhere near where I want to be, but I do see changes in my body....and I also see people with bodies a lot "worse" (meaning more % of body fat, higher BMI, weigh more, whatever you interpret that to mean) than mine rockin' 2-piece bathing suits with CONFIDENCE.  I figured....summer is half-way over, I wanna be cute and I have made some progress.  So, I whipped out one of my older swimsuits (in a size L) and tried it on.  To my surprise, it didn't look half bad!!!!

I threw my hair in a ponytail - then a fake ponytail on top of that (gotta add some sexy, right?!), picked out some accessories, sunglasses and sunscreen of course and went to that party strutting my stuff honey!!!  I've been swimming in my apartment complex a lot this summer so far and love the brown-bronzed tone of my arms, legs and back.....however after seeing that I can rock a 2-piece and not look half bad, I've decided that I will definitely be wearing this suit much more often and getting some sun on my stomach too!!!!  I look at these pictures and I'm encouraged to keep moving!!!! Summer's not over - I can do at LEAST another 10 lbs before the pool is closed for the year.  I will post another one sometime in September I think.....but ya'll let me tell ya, I haven't worn this swimsuit since 2007.  And even though I have more work to do, when I looked in the mirror - I FELT GOOOOOOOOD!


  1. Giiiirl....I wish I looked like that in a two piece! You look great! You SHOULD be confident -- that is such a cute suit! (Even hubby took a look and said the same thing!)
    I am so happy for you and am glad it was a fun time for you!

  2. GIRRRLLLLL you better WERK!
    You look great...see me I'd wear that bad boy not right...but REIGHT now..LMAO

  3. I bet it felt good! I can feel your excitment as I read your post!LOL! You are well on your way...getting closer all the time :) You're going to be there before you know it!

  4. You look great, I am sure you even sexier with the tan. Keep up the great work and I love the hair it looks super cute

  5. *WHISTLE* GIRL that hula hoop did some wonders. Imma get me one.

  6. Girlllll, I wish I looked liked that in a swimsuit. You look fabulous!
    Keep up the good work! Hopefully, I'll be able to rock one next summer. lol from my lips to God's ears!