Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Hard Lesson Learned 17 years later!

I had a workout today with my trainer.  I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks, although I've been keeping up with my 30 Day Shred for the most part.  Over the weekend, I kept feeling a little nauseous and just not 100%.  Today I started my monthly cycle.  Hello cramps, thanks for visiting and reminding me I am female.  I am one of the lucky ones though because I only get "bad" cramps every few months or so.  Sometimes I have literally painless cycles.  Well JULY is one of those BAD months.  All day I felt ill, sore, crampy, and cranky.  Fast forward to this afternoon. The trainer had me on the stairstepper.  OH MY WORD, I felt like I was going to fall off the bottom at any given time.  My throat was dry yet my mouth was filled with icky saliva.  I felt like I needed to bend over to help alleviate my cramps, but of course then I would have fallen off the machine and injured myself.  After a 3 minute interval, it was onto squats and other fun exercises.  I was PITIFUL today.  I had heard that exercise can sometimes help cramps, but not in this case.  Whenever I have a "bad" month, I'm going to relax the first day or so of my cycle.  After 17 years of this ritual, I just learned something new about myself and my body.  I'm going to sit here with my heating pad, read blogs and watch bad tv for the rest of the evening.  No studying tonight!

Oh, how are you all enjoying this heat?!  Where I am its been in the very upper 90s/lower 100s.  Its helpful to make me drink more water! 


  1. That sounds like a good plan to me. You know, the first day of our cycle should be "Spoil Yourself" Day! I think today was national chocolate day too! (not that i'm a big choco eater). Anyhoo-take care.

  2. Good for you - I am slowly getting over my stubborn side and tiring to learn how to take care of myself, and I know how hard it is.

    Your "bad mouth" description is so accurate and I hate that feeling, too!

    I am also proud of you that you did not let your cramps sideline your workout - you are amazing!

  3. How "clean" has your eating been? I used to visit a nutritionist who swore that cramps were directly related to the amount of bad toxins in the body from eating...well crappy food.

  4. You are brave as all get out to even attempt working out while feeling like crap. Good for you!! You're the real deal...that's for sure :)

  5. That is what I am on my way to do now. COUCH here I come. my stomah is in full ache mode.

    Good luck with the shred…and put that scale up far far away!
    I’m getting so durn tired of this scale. After the summer challenge I’m not getting on for a whole month.
    Thanks for the encouragement .....and support. YOU ROCK! Have a great weekend

  6. Isn't it fab being a woman? Hope you feel better.

  7. I hate when the TOM comes with cramps. Hope you feel better soon and don't overdue it. It's been extremely hot here too. We really need some rain, it's so dry here. Hope you have a great weekend!