Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thanks for the Love!!! Awards!

In case you guys haven't noticed....I am bad about receiving awards.  I am ALWAYS so freakin' tickled and touched when I receive one...but I didn't even learn how to add pictures to the sidebar of my blog until weeks after I received my first one!  So - if I don't follow the "rules" right away, please just give me a pass.  I am going to try to get better at it because I really do enjoy reading the "unknown" facts you all share in your posts.  Furthermore, I am always SO touched when you mention me in your blogs!

Now onto business...I received the "Beautiful Blogger" award from my girlie Pam at The Rest of the Journey a couple weeks ago.  Thanks so much Pam!  I was so super touched by what you said about me!  Okay for this award here are the instructions:  Tell you seven things about me that you might not know, and then pass it on to seven other bloggers.....

  1. I absolutely love eating sunflower seeds.  Not the shelled kind. The roasted and SALTY ones you shake in yout hand, suck on before cracking with your teeth and have to spit out the shell.  As you all know I am addicted to salt, but not only that - I find the activity of shake, suck, crack, spit, chew somewhat therapeutic.  I used to eat a large bag per day....people from my childhood and college years still ask if I eat sunflower seeds (I was known for carrying a cup or ziploc baggie for the discarded shells) which I do.  But only once in a while.  When I did WW a few years broke me of my daily habit.  Plus its unbecoming of a my mom told me every single day.
  2. I have always wanted to be on a game show.  I love watching them, participating at home and when the contestants lose I shout "I would've picked case number 4, Howie" or "John, I knew what the number one answer was....I would've WON fast money!"
  3. This weight loss journey + blogging world has inspired me to write a book.  As you know I will be a physician in TWO YEARS!  I've always been dedicated to preventive medicine and I like to hustle.  You know, do something besides your main form of employment to earn income.  So I've always said I wanted to be "Dr. Princess" and have a column in a mag where people can write and ask their medical questions.  And trust me, that dream WILL happen one day!  But...this journey has inspired me to incorporate spiritual, mental and physical health.  I've been taking personal notes along the way and already know a couple of people I plan to ask to be contributing authors.  Whenever I do it, which won't be for SOME YEARS yet....I will let you guys know and probably send all of my original followers a free copy - after all you were my inspiration!  *Sidebar....I can't wait to be done school*
  4. I love karaoke!  I can hold a note but I am definitely not a SANGER, but it doesn't stop me from getting up there, belting out New Attitude and kickin' off my shoes in true Patti LaBelle fashion!
  5. I do not keep my hair in the same style for longer than a week.  I do it myself as you know, and between swimming, working out and my personal style I get bored if it is styled the same for longer than that.  
  6. I have beauty addictions - nail polishes, makeup, hair accessories, skincare products.  You name it - I love it and have a full collection.
  7. I also have a magazine addiction - I read magazines as if I'm being paid.  Not one in particular....but ALL!  lol.  Fashion, Hair, Beauty, Combination, Health, Organization, Craft, Shopping, Cooking, Black, White, Latina & I've even purchased a few bridal ones just for fun!  I clip the articles of great interest and then throw the rest away every 3 months or so.  I love pouring over the fashion pages, getting new inspirations for outfits, hairstyles, makeup looks, recipes, workout ideas, etc. 

I also received a "Sugar Doll" award from Trina at MeSoHongry today.  Thanks girlie!  Trina's little known facts are so hilarious.  Hers specified to share 10 things about yourself that your readers may not know.  I will continue on the above list, even though it will start counting
  1. I'm an extremely talkative and outgoing person.  In every school I've ever attended I won the Most Talkative Superlative.  I've accepted it and I love me anyway!  LOL. 
  2. I would love to have been born in an era where people "dressed" for dinner.  I love getting prettied up and girly for an occasion and hate that right now, I don't do anything regularly to get pretty for! 
  3. Medical school has aged me.  I haven't seen any of the Twilight saga and I had absolutely no clue it was about vampires and werewolves until 3 days ago.  I find myself listening to old-school R&B and hip hop, or gospel and when I get around my little cousins....I don't know half the songs they love.  Lastly....I only had one gray hair that has been there since my teens.  Now I have about 5!!! LOL.
That's 10!  I hope I didn't bore ya'll too much!  Now the more difficult part, because many of my followers have already received this PLUS you are all beautiful bloggers! However both awards state to pass it on to 7 and 10 people respectively.
  1. Lucy at Lucy's Blog
  2. Susan at Susan's Journey to Stay Fit
  3. Lee Lee at Crazy Riffs
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  5. Corletta at Its a New Year:  No More Excuses!
  6. Julie at The Accidental Fat Chick
  7. Larkspur at Am I Really That Fat?
Okay so I only named 7 but...that's because I am new to giving blog awards!  Hopefully this post didn't bore you too much!


  1. Awww-thanks! I can just see you on a game show!LOL! That would be so much FUN! And the #2 of the second set...well, somehow that doesn't surprise me. You strike me as a lady w/class :) And you know, you could have left that "hopefully this post didn't bore you too much" out! No boredom here :)

    Thanks for the shout out :) 7 things huh? That should be fun!

  2. I think your book idea is fabulous! I love sunflower seeds too - but hardly ever eat them. Congratulations on your awards - much deserved!

  3. My bad...I forget to post the actual award last night. It's up now.

  4. Girl I could not buy a wedding magazine b/c it would make me sad...hahaha. And my mom always mentioning I am not married does not help.

    I am one of those ROBsessed Twilight fans.

    Good luck with the rest of medical school.

  5. I love hearing about you!!! I wanted to be on a game show to....Press Your Luck to be exact " No Whammy! No Whammmyyyyy STOP!!!" LOL!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book idea. That would be pure Hotness!!!

    Awwww Thank you for the Award! I feel so loved! :D

  6. I wasn't bored a bit getting to "know" you.
    Its funny how people are more alike than different.
    I love sunflower seeds too havn't had them in years though..I had to curb my own magazine addiction due to $$...I just restarted wearing makeup and polish after being called plain by my husband:(...

    Wow your gonna be a doctor in two years that is so great! You have to be a good example of health and fitness though...what kind of doc will you be?

    Thanks for the award! Please send me instructions on how to paste it on my address

  7. Congratulations on your awards and thank you for thinking of me! I have no doubt that some day I'll open a magazine and see "The Dr. Princess" column.

    Funny story, my Mom once had a doctor who came to America after finishing medical school in his country and found that his license was not good here. He started all over. My brother, a physician himself, said he'd never be able to go through it again knowing what it was like. He said it's one thing when it's brand new and you don't know what to expect, another when you do!

  8. I was thrilled to pass you some love! Sorry its been a while since I commented - its not been a good week here, but everything will be okay soon. Hope you have a great holiday weekend and that you'll post soon!

  9. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself! I love learning about you. We have a lot in common! :) Good luck with medical school and your book! How exciting!

  10. Aw, thank you! I'll be sure to call you "Dr Princess!" (I absolutely love that!)