Friday, July 2, 2010

Point me please! Back to WW!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been contemplating returning to the Weight Watchers program for quite some time.  One because it works - not only in the sense that there are people who've done it with success, but I have also done it previously with tremendous success.  Two - because I'm not holding myself accountable any longer with the Fat Smash Diet.  I'm just kind've winging it, and I am consistently eating poorly.  Three - because I am ready to be able to EAT WHATEVER I WANT....just in moderation and with accountability!

Last night I went into my kitchen drawer and dug out all of my WW materials.  I have the pamplets for weeks 1-12, the Getting Started, Dining Out Companion, AND the Complete Food Companion.  Some are outdated as some restaurant's menus have changed and there are a ton of new products that have come out, but I also found THREE point finder sliders and my activity points tracker.  So I am all set.

As I looked through my materials, I got really sad and disgusted with myself.  I looked at my membership books with my weekly weigh ins....and noticed star after star and loss after loss.  I found my Lifetime Membership booklets - yes I am a Lifetime Member.  And I looked where I attempted to return after regaining 10 lbs (145 lbs) in March of 2007.  The 145 lb entry was the ONLY one in my new book!  I even got teary eyed thinking to myself "HOW DID I LET MYSELF RETURN TO THIS SIZE?!"  I've already lost over 10 lbs, why didn't I keep going when I was only 145?!  WHY WHY WHY?!  

I didn't dismiss those feeling, nor did I immediately tell myself to move on, or that its okay because I am losing now.  I allowed (almost forced) myself to feel it.  Absorb the shame, disappointment, disgust, frustration - all of that.  I want to remember how I feel and how difficult it has been to lose the weight a second time so that there will not be a third.  I'm not angry with myself, but just severely disappointed.  I can and will do better - this is another reminder that I will never return to this size and weight again.

So as I was experiencing all these emotions, I decided I am back to the point system.  I realize that some things have changed since the 5 years I have done the program.  But I will be doing it the way I was "taught."  I am allowed a measly 22 points per day plus 35 "flex" points per week to be used in any way I see fit.  Daily, I am to consume:  5 servings of fruits/veggies, 6 glasses of water minimally, 2 "healthy" fats, 2 daily servings.  AND I AM TO TRACK MY POINTS!  The most important part for me!

Also, I will be incorporating some things I've learned over the past few months from you guys!  I will be limiting salt and processed foods and continue to exercise regularly.  I will not be utilizing the "activity" points.  I don't like the idea of eating more because I've exercised.  I understand the theory behind it, but at this point, I am not in agreeance with it for me.  I also will be relying on my HEAD to guide me not just the points.  I have learned what leaner types of meat are, how to eliminate added fat to my cooking, and how much sodium I should consume daily.  

Today was my first day.
  • Breakfast:  Kroger Sugar Flakes (3 pts) and 1 c Cantaloupe (1 pt)
  • Lunch:  Subway 6" Ham & Cheese (10 pts), Light Chips (1 pt), Diet Dr. Pepper (0 pts)
  • Dinner:  Steamed Shrimp and Veggies with A1 Cajan Marinade (2 pts), Homemade Caesar Salad with Light Dressing, No croutons or cheese (2 pts)
  • Snacks:  Grapes (2 pts), Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie (4 pts)
Total:  24 points
2 Healthy Fats
5 Fruits/Veggies
6 cups of Water
2 Servings of Dairy
30 Day Shred

I learned from my first bout that going below by a couple of points is okay as long as I don't go below 20 points.  Sometimes I would go as low as 18 which is still okay, but not great.  However, as you can see, I had a fabulous first day ending up with 24 total points

I have a couple of BBQ's that I am going to this weekend.  I am making cucumber salad for both.  I hope there is enough "healthy" side dishes at each.  I'm so focused!

I am happy that I am eating well again.  I am happy that I am committed to a program again.  I am happy that I am losing weight - lol - that may be a little premature but I AM CLAIMING IT IN ADVANCE!  WOOT WOOT!


  1. WW is a good program for those, like you, who have busy lives. Your post brought to mind my college days when I worked in a restaurant. This really pretty lady would come in once in a while and would always ask me to find out how many ounces in this or that before ordering. One day she explained she was "a lifetime member of WW" and would always measure her portions. She looked great, BTW!

  2. I definitely think that switching things up will definitely make a difference. Sometimes we have to trick our bodies. My weight loss wasn't good this week so I think I'm going to keep eating the way I'm eating but increase my exercise. Good luck to you and I'll be here cheering you on! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am a FIRM believer in doing what works for you! If WW is it I say do you Boo! Here's to success!! Get it!!!

  4. I have always liked the WW program. I know so many people who have had huge success.