Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amazing Non-Scale Victories!

Yesterday, my trainer took my updated measurements.  I don't keep the paper so I can't tell you the exact numbers but one that sticks out in my mind is that I went from a 36" waist to a 34" waist!  That is a 2 inch loss in 6 weeks....I'm very pleased.  Other notables were 1.5" from my arms, 3" lost from my hips,1.5" lost per thigh, 2" from my bust.  I lost 1% of body fat also - I am now at 32% (this is the only number I am genuinely confused about....I feel I've gained a LOT of muscle).

I felt I looked smaller...but with the struggles on the scale I've been having, I couldn't be sure if it was reality or wishful thinking.  My stomach does look pretty freakin great, and my thighs are definitely more toned!  Inches lost...I will definitely take that as a victory.

My overall goal is for my waist to be 30" waist...the other measurements I am unconcerned about for now.

It does feel good to have some amazing numbers lost somewhere, even if its not on the scale.  My trainer said something big to me when I was complaining about the small amount of body fat lost.  He said "You need to stick to your diet."  I was irritated and said "I DO!!!!!!!!!! THAT AIN'T IT, TRUST ME!"  Sidenote: My trainer and I are the same age and have a great relationship, so I had no problems telling him like it T-I-S (said Bernie Mac style, R.I.P).  He said "No, I'm not saying you aren't watching what you're eating.  I'm saying that you change stuff up too much.  You don't see pounds lost, immediate results then you are steady trying to figure out what to change and adjusting stuff.  Whatever diet you are doing, just stick to it and be patient - stop changing things every few weeks."  That was a real epiphany moment.  Because I am CONSTANTLY re-evaluating, adjusting, thinking of ways to help me lose MORE, etc.  So I decided to relax, stick to my most recent change which is a combination of The Fat Smash diet + calorie counting.  I will continue to set mini-goals for myself, but I will stick to this with NO changes for 1 month straight, no matter what the scale does.  He also told me I need to workout harder...for this comment he earned the middle finger gem....I was pissed!  How dare he tell me I'm not working out hard?!  Then...I thought about what he was saying.  Do I push myself, really PUSH myself during my workouts, or do I just do them?  Again, I had to admit he was right.  I sometimes walk at the park, which is great, but I could run.  I do an exercise DVD I take mini-breaks when I feel I "can't" go anymore, when I'm with the trainer I have a solid workout for every 3 times we meet.  So I've decided that I've got to really make my workouts count.  Yesterday when I was with the trainer I sweat to the point it dripped onto the ground...THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN BOUT!  I never do that on my own!  Yes, I workout all the time but I have to really concentrate on doing more than I think I am capable of to see the results I want.  So....I ended up sending him a text msg later admitting he was right...I need to push harder.  Dangit, I hate admitting when I'm wrong!

In any event, I am getting it done - slowly but surely and I'm satisfied.  However, I need to work to the point that I am proud of myself, and that will happen when I work as hard as I possibly can and then I will feel okay about miniature losses on the scale.  When you know I've put my all into it I will be happy regardless of anything else.


  1. Good job on thr inch loses. In all honesty, these are the things that are great because, you will notice that your pants are fitting better even though the scale has not moved. Good Luck!

  2. Inches lost are some of the best NSV's out there! Good for you girl!!! And your trainer is right....stay consistent with your eating pland and push yourself as much as you can and the weight WILL come off! You're doing fantastic...very proud of you! :)

  3. I love those kinds of losses. And the inches gone are one of the sweetest losses! Congratulations and way to stay steady and strong.

  4. Keep working hard...you will reach your goals in NO TIME! Go girl...

  5. Inches lost is WAY more important than what the scale says so congrats!

    And slow and steady is totally the right way to do it!