Saturday, April 3, 2010

Go 'head Jennifer Hudson!

I thought Jennifer Hudson looked great pre-baby, sure bigger than most Oscar winners and top recording artists, but great nevertheless.  But she has recently slimmed down a LOT more with the help of Weight Watchers.  She's their new celebrity spokesperson! 

Check out the article here.  Although now she can afford to have a personal trainer work with her everyday - Hudson is no stranger to losing weight on her own, the non-celeb way!  The season she was on American Idol, I was a faithful watcher and voter.  In fact when she was booted off, I vowed to boycott all future seasons, that's how upset I was!  How all 3 of the black women on the show, who had rave reviews the night before ended up in the bottom 3 I still don't understand....but I digress!  But I remember on the show, she had already shed 60 pounds with the use of martial arts and tae-bo.  She still was thicker than most, but she looked great and I admired her discipline to lose the weight.  In the article it states Hudson lost between 0.5-2 lbs per week - Hallelujah I feel vindicated from my tiny losses!  LOL.  In addition to Weight Watchers, the article states that she has sessions with a personal trainer nearly every day.  If someone who trains with a PT every single day and is following a weight loss regimen such as Weight Watchers is losing what I am losing, I feel great about that!  :-)  Way to go Jenn!

You can view her commercial at the Weight Watchers site!

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  1. I don't think American Idol is a vehicle for people of color. They just don't make it and if they do win, they don't get the type of team behind the to catapult them into

    so she already lost the weight? I wish she would have joined heavy and lost the weight along the way.