Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jumping Rope...for kids and for ME!

When I was little, all you had to do was walk for a couple of blocks and you would come across a group of girls jumping Double Dutch.  And if you couldn't jump - well you know you were a TURNER!  Am I right?  I mean we had songs and games that we played IN the rope.  And not only did we jump until we messed up, but we took 3 turns each!  Not a family gathering or BBQ went by without somebody bringing a rope, either! it was a clothes line, but hey that was the best kind, right?!  Nowadays, I can drive for miles and not see a single rope outside...and we wonder why our kids are overweight? 

I remember we had a BBQ at my Uncle's house and I brought a rope for my little cousins to jump with (they were around 7 or 8 at the time) and NOBODY knew how to jump OR turn for double dutch and one of them didn't even know how to do single jump rope.  I was appalled!  Now I realize DD may be cultural - not everyone grows up doing it, but SINGLE jump rope?!  Then I started thinking about it and none of the cousins younger than me know how to jump DD - not a single one.  Not surprisingly, most are struggling with weight issues now (from age 12 - 20).  Now it isn't all about jumping rope, it is about the lack of outside activity period...but still, it does make you think right?

Anyways, I have been incorporating jumping rope into my workouts.  Walking at the park and stopping for 100 jump intervals - increases the calorie burn from just a regular walk.  I have jumped 500 jumps straight (with water breaks), 100x100 jumping jacks and rope jumps alternating until a total of 500 each were reached.  I really have been enjoying it, I feel its a great way to build endurance and OH BOY my calves have been singing.  I am trying to go 30 days straight jumping rope in some form. 

I don't remember it being this hard 20 years  I wish I had some DD partners now, I find that such a fun activity!


  1. Haha! I'd come and play with you!

  2. jumping rope is a great workout!

  3. Oh I'm so sure I'd do a face-plant if I even thought about trying to jump rope, lol.

    Don't forget to weigh-in tmrw!! One week left in the challenge! :)

  4. It's so funny that you, too, think that jumping rope is harder than it used to be. I was just jumping rope the other day with some kids at church. Sure enough...I was winded sooner than I thought that I would be. TERRIBLE :)