Thursday, April 15, 2010

You wouldn't believe what I went through...

Just to find a fitness class today!!!!  Okay you guys may remember a while back I posted that I wasn't learning to love exercise like some of you have?  It's still true...I am still plugging along but I realized that group fitness classes and intramural sports may be the best thing for me to be involved in long-term.  I enjoy those activities more than just getting on the treadmill, walking at the park, riding my elliptical or doing a DVD.  Some people use the solitude of those types of work outs to think, plan, meditate, contemplate, push themselves, etc.  I do those things during other activities so honestly I don't LOVE solo workouts!  I do enjoy them from time-to-time, but I'm looking at the long term big picture.  I want to make sure that I find things that I will continue to do....FOREVER.

So...the tennis camp that I was so excited about?  Um, it was in a different state.  Same city name, different state.  LOL.  After that fail - I went online to find a local gym that had workout classes.  See, my gym only costs $15/month and the personal training sessions are the cheapest around - BUT no group classes at all.  So I found one, signed up for a free 7 day pass and today got dressed, wrapped my hair in my gym scarf (a pretty presentable satin scarf unlike my bedtime one!) and hit the door.  I get to the gym location only to discover it had gone out of business...UM...I received a confirmation email about my 7 day pass and everything!  Why the website is still up and running, I have no idea... *sigh*  So now, I'm like now what?  I do NOT feel like going to the gym to do a solo mind was all set to do a class!!!!  I ended up stopping by each and every gym near my home to see if they had fitness classes that you could pay PER CLASS.  I did not find any through those methods, BUT one gym would allow me to take one class for free.  So, today I enjoyed "BodyPump" at a local gym - a very high intensity weight training class that is an entire body workout.  Its a nationally taught program and I'd highly recommend it.  I much prefer those types of weight training sessions rather than using the machines.  I have no idea why...I guess because I do different muscle groups back-to-back with little rest in between I feel I am burning more calories.  Hence the reason I enjoy the personal training sessions so much.

When I got home, I immediately hopped online and found a local community center that has a bunch of fitness classes that I can take for only $3 per class, PLUS adult tennis intramurals! Tomorrow I will be taking a class and investigating the tennis.  So I am hoping that I will burn a bunch of calories tomorrow plus discover a way to get back into a hobby that I love.  Cross your fingers for me!

Tomorrow I will update you on how badly being sick threw me off...smh, I'll be surprised if I haven't gained!  lol.


  1. You are one determined woman, LOL!!! Glad you found a class. Sounds like tomorrow will be pretty fun! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hey girl....I hate to bug you if you're feeling negative about your weigh-in...I just want to make sure I've got your stats right, because according to your comment you left on the weigh-in post, I've got something wrong. I've got you down as 163.4 as your start....and again as 163.4 for last week's loss but no I'm not sure what the .8 is for this week. Can you please email me and let me know your exact weight for today, or let me know where I screwed up? I can go back and look at your comment from last week's weigh-in if I need to....I just want to make sure I'm recording your stuff correctly....thanks!! :)

  3. My fingers are crossed-ENJOY!

    Personally I'm not into exercise right now (maybe w/all that's involved with the move n' all. After the move I'll probably start visiting my treadmill again & We'll have access to a pool-WHOOHOO).

    I'll tell you what though, since I stopped dieting, I no longer fight feeling guilty or condemded about not exercising. Don't ge me wrong-I totally believe in exercising because it promotes good's just nice to not feel guilty :)

    Have a great time!