Thursday, April 1, 2010

The scale is my friend!

This is in response to a comment on yesterday's weigh in asking how I feel about the scale.  The person had several great points, and even said that her friend who doesn't weigh in is having greater success.  Also, there are many of us that have to walk away from the scale for a while because we become too driven by its display each week.  I thought long and hard after reading that comment...and the conclusion?  The scale is definitely my friend!  Hell, I'm on my way to falling in love with it! 

I only lost 0.6 lbs this week.  It didn't send me into a depression or make me not want to eat or even over-analyze my process.  I just thought about what I did well and what needed improvement.  I am still early in my weight loss journey (10 weeks) and adjustments will need to be made and that is exactly what the scale tells me.  I also can get over confident with a good week (as happened between this week & last week) and fall off track a bit.  The scale's feedback is essential for me.  I need to know that what I am doing is working and if i need to change anything.  Once I hit my stride, I will still continue to weigh myself weekly.  In fact Diane at Fit to the Finish even posted about daily weighers versus weekly weighers.  I don't think getting on the scale indicates that you are obsessive.  In fact I believe just the opposite.  Being able to get on the scale and digest what it says - not internalize it, agonize over it, or dissect it - means that I have power over my scale.  I am comfortable admitting where I am, what I weigh and measuring where I need to be.  Before the New Year, I began not weighing myself.  I was just too scared of what it would say.  I ended up gaining weight and being much more depressed about what my mind "imagined" I weighed then when I was actually getting on it regularly.  I don't like being 163, but I like knowing.  For me, making myself NOT step on the scale gives it way more power...

So to answer the question "How do I feel about the scale?" - I feel great!  I may not like the number it gives me, but I love the guidance it provides.  Its not so deep for me that I need to avoid it like the plague. I recognize all the non-scale victories I've been having as well, so its all love between me and my scale!


  1. I know some people put way too much emphasis on the scale, letting that number dictate their mood for the day (or week!). You seem to have a healthy relationship with the scale, though. I also weigh in pretty regularly, since it does keep me focused and in check. When I stop weighing, I start gaining!

  2. I think you're's all about balance. I've been extreme...weighing multiple times per day and then banishing my scale to a dark closet. It's a tool in weight loss and I think it's how you use that tool that counts.

  3. You are exactly right about the scale! I too weigh daily. I won't lie, there have been times where I wanted to give that dang scale a piece of my mind. Now, it's helping me to understand this process. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Well you know how I feel! It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude and outlook.

  5. I definitely think it's "to each his own" when it comes to the scale. I didn't read that into your last post, not at all.

    I threw mine away (you already know this :), but that's NOT to say doing that is for everyone. I had to. And i'm so glad I did! For me, throwing away the scale (I couldn't trust myself to just "not get on it") was taking back control. But for others, weighing themselves weekly gives them control.

    Is there a right or wrong way? Hmm... whatever works for you. Whatever helps YOU. That's the important thing; that you feel comfortable. I think you're in that place.

    p.s: nice writing!!