Sunday, April 18, 2010

Personal Challenge & Family Successes

This week I am challenging myself to consume 64 oz of water per day.  My "normal" previous goal (which I've met) was to consume at least 32 oz, but ideally 48 oz.  I drank 64 oz yesterday and felt much less dehydrated than I normally do, even with the 32 or 48 oz.  Plus I am really  noticing my skin clearing up!  YAY!

About my family - as I've noted in the "about me" section, we have a fat gene.  To be honest....I don't know if we are genetically predisposed to being overweight or if we just have a family legacy of the women being overweight, but in any event, my family (particularly the women) struggle with weight issues.  However, within the last 6-8 months, we have had so much success as a FAMILY with weight loss!!!
  • Cousin #1 - male, 26 years old. thin during childhood and early adulthood, began gaining weight after college, marriage and 3 kids.  Lost approximately 30 lbs to get into shape.  Motivation:  admission into the armed forces.  Method:  drinking more water, working out 5x per week, and simply "watching what he eats"
  • Cousin #2 - female, 32 years old.  3 children.  Thin until pregnancies...gained at least 100 lbs after all 3 kids.  Going through an very painful divorce...depression jumpstarted weight loss.  However, she then began working out and watching what she ate.  Weight lost:  unknown, but she is looking really good!
  • Uncle R:  overweight as a child & adult.  Recent health problems:  COPD (severe) & rheumatoid arthritis.  Began the Fat Smash Diet with me.  Is doing extremely well despite being unable to exercise (recommendation of his doctor was to ONLY walk and very low intensity due to blood clot complications...however his arthritis prevents him from being able to do so).  He has never been able to successfully lose a significant amount of weight.  Weight lost:  about 15-20 lbs.
  • Cousin #3 - female 36, single, no kids.  Struggled with weight problems since childhood.  Got progressively worse as an adult.  Has had coronary blockage, referred chest pain (similar to what happens during a heart attack) and was scheduled for gastric bypass/banding surgery.  We spoke - she was going to try to lose it on her own.  She has lost 25 lbs and decided to cancel the surgery!!!!!  Working out regularly, watching what she eats, being patient...
  • Brother:  31 years old, single, no kids.  Never really had a weight problem, maybe just a few extra pounds to lose at certain points in life.  VERY skinny as a child/teen.  Went through a bad breakup, depressed and lost 7 lbs without trying.  Decided to keep going...has lost 1 lbs total which was his goal.  Methods:  cut out all "extra" sugar from his diet, stopped eating out, drank nothing but water.
  • Father:  thin as a teen/young adult.  Gained weight after having kids and kept going.  Chronical yo-yo dieter.  Decided to do exactly what my brother did.  Has lost a little weight so far.  I actually doubt that he even plans to keep it off...but he's happy with being able to lose it.
  • Grandmother:  79, lives with Uncle, so she's been losing by default!  LOL.  She's lost 7 lbs so far!  She also works the front desk at our local community fitness center/gym so she rides the recumbent bike a few times per week.  Sidenote:  my granny is a huge source of inspiration for me.  She still WORKS, DRIVES, and lives on her own!  (my uncle is staying with her, not the other way around)
  • I have a few more, but you get the picture.  We are also doing a family weight challenge (which I initiated) from Feb 1st to June 1st.  We teamed up and reported our combined weights.  The team that loses a) the most amount of pounds and b) the highest percentage of weight loss will win prize money.  My uncle and I are on a team together....I have high hopes we will win! 
I am so ecstatic about all of this.  There are a few people that haven't jumped on the bandwagon, but I am SO HAPPY that we are changing our family legacy!!!  I think we should be featured on Oprah!  LOL.

So...yesterday I did indeed go for a walk in the park and I took my jump rope with me.  Walked for a bit, did 75 jumps.  By the 2nd lap around the park, I was up to 100 jumps per break.  And I felt so extremely accomplished.  I will do the same today...already changed out of my church clothes.  Let me just say that I am loving the fact that I am actually enjoying my workouts!!!


  1. That is so wonderful that the entire family is getting healthy! Even though tomorrow isn't promised, you all are adding years to your lives by doing this and will be able to enjoy/love each other for years to come at family gatherings!!

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  3. This is Fantastic!!! For you to run down each family members story with added results.... is so BOMB!!! Keep up the hard work!!!