Thursday, April 29, 2010

May Goals & Progress Photos

May will be a great month for me.  I am hitting my stride with my eating habits and exercising.  I'm decreasing my salt intake everyday, drinking a lot of water and feeling more and more motivated as the temperature increases.  My birthday is in May....which represents a new beginning for me.  27 will be MY year.  Last kicked off with my ex breaking up with me in the most unpleasant fashion.  Sounds horrible, right?  Well it was!  (although now the memory doesn't bring any negative emotions, thankfully it is just a memory).

During my 27th year of life I will reach and maintain my goal weight, exercise regularly, be an example for my friends and family, grow my hair long, eat healthy not by force but by habit, do amazingly well in school, grow spiritually and become closer to my God.   
27 is a year that I am claiming in expectation of all the great things to come.

Okay so now for my specific goals:
  • Decrease my sodium consumption below 2300 mg at LEAST 5 days of the week.
  • Exercise 400 minutes per week
  • Complete 10 two-a-day workouts (approximately 2x per week)

Now for the comparison pictures.  After reading a post from Miss Corletta I decided to take monthly progress pictures (she will be taking them weekly).  These pics aren't quite a month apart, but I know next week I probably won't have a chance to take and upload any.  The ones on the left are from April 1st, those on the right are from this morning.  I am feeling really good about my progress - I haven't lost much weight but you can certainly see a difference, right?!

I am hoping that tomorrow's weigh in tells me I am in the 150s....that was the goal for the week!  *crosses fingers*


  1. Wow youre really doing fantastic! he pictures are great, you can see so much progress in the last month!

    Great job :)

  2. You can def tell a diff in the pics! And I LOVE your attitude! Praying 27 special prayers for you for the upcoming year! Good luck with the weigh in!

  3. Awesome difference girl! KEEP IT UP!!!!

    And we're the same age... cool!

  4. It's amazing the difference that just a few weeks will make. You have done an amazing job - congratulations!

  5. You look great!!! I am hoping 40 will be my year. Its 7 years away.... a girl can hope right. lol