Friday, April 23, 2010

Weigh In (Week 13) - Great week!

DOWN 1.8 LBS = 161.6 lbs.
I had a pretty good week!  After my 1 lb gain last week I really kicked it into high gear.  The words from my trainer helped and also (as mad as he made me!) and DEFINITELY my new smaller measurements were encouragement to continue going!  So this week, I re-read a couple of chapters in the FSD book and tried to re-direct my eating.  And as for the scale, I am ecstatic!  This is the most amount of weight I've lost in a week and the 150's are sooooo close!  I am going to be there next week, before May, I can feel it and I am claiming it!

Okay, so I have no chance at meeting the Beach Challenge goal...but hey, I did get a personal record out of it.  1.8 lbs is a HUGE number for me!

  • Drank at minimum 2L (64 oz) of water per day, usually more
  • Exercised everyday this week, longer than 30 minutes each day!
  • Starting to enjoy exercising....finding myself making it a priority, finally.  YAY!!!!
  • Didn't eat as many fruits & veggies as normal...need to get back to 6 servings per day
  • Cannot control overeating on sweets.  Whenever I bring in a snack item (pecan rolls, brownie bites) I can't seem to stop at one serving.  So I have to go back to not having it at all until I can control myself.  Really sounds pathetic, but I'm just being real.
  • Still have to cut back on salt even more, but I am definitely more conscious of it.  I'll get there...
Here's what I did this week:
Sunday:  Walk/Jump rope interval outside
Monday:  Personal Training Session
Tuesday:  500 jumping jacks + 500 Jump rope
Wednesday:  PT session + 500 Jump rope
Thursday:  Zumba class (1 hr) + ab work + elliptical 20 minutes
Friday:  Zumba class later...not sure of what else


  1. Great job! That is an impressive loss & you SHOULD be proud!

  2. Girl...tell me all about the 150's...hopefully I will be joining you soon!

  3. I've been following your blog. Looks like you definitely stepped it up this week. Congrats on the loss!

  4. I know that you can get to 153 by your bday. A little lessthan a month to loss 8 pounds. You can totally do it, do you need a challenge to help you along.....hmmmm