Saturday, March 20, 2010

Comparison Blues!

I was on YouTube and came across a woman who was on a weight loss journey.  She started at about 178 (I think) and is currently 163...right about where I am.  The thing is - she loses 3 or more pounds PER WEEK!  I haven't read her regimen in its entirety yet, and the reason I couldn't stay on her channel and find out more information is because after seeing that video I was immediately discouraged!!!  So I clicked the "x" in the top corner with more force than necessary as if the woman in question was responsible for my frustration.  And I sat and stared at me (my picture is the background on my desktop) and thought to myself "WHY CAN'T I LOSE MORE THAN 1 POUND PER WEEK?!?!?!"  I am happy with the changes I am making BUT I constantly have to talk positivity into my results because I want to lose a little more per week.  Not every week...but I'd like to have SOME knock out weeks!  As we all have said at some point on our blogs - a loss is a loss...but we only say that when the loss isn't as much as we wanted, right?  So...I sat and thought a little longer...and really started to get myself worked up!
 Then I went to the bathroom - as I washed my hands I stared at my reflection and immediately felt better.  My skin is so much clearer I thought to myself.  As I rinsed the soap from my hands I thought my nails are so much stronger, and I already need to clip them again!  Then as I dried my hands I said wow, your hair is really starting to grow and it looks so gorgeous!  It really helped calm me down that I have tangible, visible non-scale related results.  So I've just learned that although at times it is difficult not to compare yourself to others, it really does no good to think your own progress isn't enough because someone else is losing faster or more. 


  1. It think we all see someone else who is losing more and even if just for a moment feel the same way you did. Some weeks I lose more and some weeks I just maintain. I'm sure it averages to about a pound a week. If you do the math that means I have over 50 Weeks for reaching my goal. When I think of it that way it's discouraging. SO when I feel discouraged I do just what you did. I look in the mirror and be grateful for all the beautiful changes I can see.
    Your doing great, keep it up and take care of that beautiful hair your growing.

  2. Your a smart gal to have hit the 'X" on the corner of the video! And an even smarter gal to be able to see the progress of your nails, hair, etc.

    Besides, I'll bet my life savings (which isn't much-ha,ha) that this girl will be gaining it all back & then some. I'm sorry, but it's just not natural for your body to let go of that much fat per week. Period.

    You're on the right track my friend! :)

  3. Hey-me again! Thanks for you comment concerning the scale. It was tough making the decision I did, but for me, right now, it's something I have to do. I place too much burden on myself with that thing, but I understand not everyone is like me (thank God!LOL!).

    You seem to have your head on pretty straight concerning the darn thing-so KUDOS to you!!

    I'm actually thinking of a monthly weigh-in type of thing :)

    Thanks for your support!

  4. It is terribly hard not to compare ourselves to others. I am doing WW with my girlfriend and she consitently looses more weight than me. And she was thinner to start with. But we have to just remember that we are doing our very best.

  5. Honestly, you do not want to lose more than one or two pounds a week. Who knows what is going to happen to this girl when she reaches her goal weight. I know that you are going to keep the weight off if you loss it at a slower pace. Keep up the great work!

  6. I can understand your frustration...but know that every one is different.
    You have to focus on what works for you. I am so glad you realized all the positive things and TRUST those 1 lbs and 2 lbs a week will add up in no time.
    Use those videos to learn...and nothing more.
    be strong and make today a GREAT DAY chick :-)

  7. How ironic. I just left a comment on one of your other post about comparing yourself to other people. I agree with you on not comparing. I drive myself crazy when I do that. I just had to realize that everyone is different, and my weight loss experience is unique to me.