Sunday, March 28, 2010

Working out. & Epiphany

I've been following Julie (visit "The Accidental Fat Chick" here - awesome blog!) as she competes in her gym's "Around the World" challenge.  I am not sure of all the competition details but I am assuming you travel enough to go around the world.  Anywho, I have been reading all about her amazing workouts and it made me think about my own workouts.  I still am struggling to go beyond 30 minutes per day.  Not because I am incapable, but because for as long as I can remember I've only done gym workouts in 30 minute sessions, unless I was taking a class or was participating in sports.  I remember the days of the 80s and 90s when exercising 20 minutes 3x per week was standard!  Friday was the first day I went beyond 30 minutes.  And I felt great!  I began to think about my life beyond reaching my goal weight.  I know I will reach it, I've proven that before and my personality is an OCD one (lol), but what is going to ensure that this is forever?  I thought it was forever LAST time!  So I really am more concerned about maintaining my weight as opposed to reaching it.  I'm still young, marriages and pregnancies are going to happen, Lord willing - and those are obstacles that cause many women to gain weight.  I realized as I followed Julie's workouts that the thing I enjoy most about exercising isn't exercising!  It's competition.  I wondered, what would motivate me to workout that hard?  I'm sorry to say but it isn't losing weight alone that will do it for me.  Anything where I have to play someone or beat someone will motivate me to continue.  So that is my plan!  I will still workout at the gym, but I will join a tennis league, eventually run marathons, play raquetball....anything of that sort feels FUN to me.  With this in mind I googled for tennis leagues in my city & I found an upcoming adult tennis league that actually fits into my schedule!!!!!  And registration is only $10!  I couldn't believe it!  The deadline is next lucky am I?!  I really enjoy playing tennis, but in the black community there are not a whole lot of people who play, and that is something that I know I will push very hard to do.  I hate to lose...although I am not a sore loser, and I hate to not be good competition for the other person.  So I know that I will get a much better cardio workout in than I would do in a gym relying on my own mind to push me.

Anyone else have these worries?  I read some of your blogs and you say "I felt awful because I didn't go to the gym" or "I used to hate exercising, but now it is my therapy, stress reliever, etc."  I doubt that I will feel that way (I hope so, but am just being realistic) but I know how much I enjoy sports!  What motivates you to continue to workout, especially after you've reached your goal weight?  Is it enough to know you are doing it so that you won't gain it back?


  1. I think that what keeps me motivated even after all these years is how I feel as compared to how I felt at 300 pounds. That, and looking better! :)

    I don't see anything wrong with getting in your exercise workouts through competing. That's what people who do tri's and races do!

  2. I love to work out, seeing others at the gym in great shape really motivates me. I can feel myself getting stronger, I know what I used to be able to lift and now I can life so much more. I also love that weights give you body shape, so that when the fat starts to melt away you have a beautifully defined body!

  3. Well done PhluffyPrincess :)
    It is a good idea to use competition as a motivation. Most people stop exercise when they've not got a 'buddy' to push them, or to compeate with.
    I've always wanted to get back into Netball, and after reading your blog, I think I will try to find a club or something.
    I already do the gym and have been concentrating on my muscle building because it burns fat, but I've found I'm either not loosing weight now or gaining slightly, because muscle weighs more, and I feel a little heart broken at a gain, whether it's a positive one or not.

    Well Done x

  4. I don't have access to a quality gym so to be honest I've been putting my workouts into I get to see how much other people are working out and it motivates me.