Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Today was GORGEOUS!

I hadn't planned on blogging today, but I had an awesome day - so I thought I'd share.  It was sunny all day and in the mid to upper 60's.  I came in & changed into my workout clothes and just stood out on my balcony and felt the sunshine.  No way could I take myself into the gym.  Absolutely no way!  Last week (I was wearing workout clothes and had just come from the gym) I sauntered into a clothing boutique to browse and got into friendly conversation with one of the sales women.  She ended up telling me about a beautiful, well kept and safe park only about 1-2 miles from the store (which would be about 2-3 miles from my apartment).  I was really excited because today was the perfect day to go take a look!  It is GORGEOUS!  Well populated but not crowded and has an awesome walking trail.  Part of it is by a stream!  When I got to the part by the stream - I actually slowed and stared!  I wished I had my camera so I could show you how pretty this place is!  I walked for about 35 minutes, then did step ups (using the bleachers), tricep dips, squats and lunges.  Altogether I worked out for about 45-50 minutes and I was so UN bored!  I will definitely be revisiting that park - SOON if weather permits. Another reason to look forward to warm weather!

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  1. Ah I wish we had something like that near us....well there is a park, but in this weather at the moment, it's so wet and muddy it just wouldn't be worth it lol.

    Hope the weather stays nice for you there :) Are you in the US?