Monday, March 22, 2010

Fell off Track!!!

This is the first time that I can honestly say...I've fallen off!!!  I have had several meals out, not really eaten on schedule, haven't been sticking to my "allowed" list, and haven't tracked!  ARGHHH!  And on top of that, I've not worked out for 3 days in a row!

I am going to be accountable for my actions.  I have simply been lazy.  It all started Thursday, which is "Match Day" for 4th year medical students...meaning they find out where they will begin their residency.  It is a huge celebration and with it comes lots of partying.  While this isn't my 4th celebrate with your friends!!!  Now, I don't drink - at all, ever - so that doesn't enter into my "partying" equation....THANK GOD!  But, going out to eat with friends, and I went on another date...and I had hella studying to do.  But the thing that disappoints me about this is that - all of that will always be there, you know?  I will ALWAYS have to study, I will be going on more dates (soon, hopefully, lol), I will always have a reason to celebrate something with friends, so why didn't I get it together?  And for the first time, my actions had a domino effect!  One bad decision led to another.  This morning I had hot chocolate AND an Egg McMuffin!  WHY?!?!?!  I'm not sure why I allowed myself to get SO off track, but I know one ass isn't staying there!

This blog is my journal.  If I don't lose the weight this week, I have no one to blame but myself, but the journey doesn't end with this week.  I am not going to continue my downwards spiral, but get it back together and work double time to get back on track.  WHEW....its amazing how much better writing it out made me feel.  There really is something to this blogging thing, huh???  Maybe I should do the same with other areas of my life!


  1. You're on the right track if you think about it. It's awesome that you're holding no one but yourself accountable. Plus you realize that just because you had a set back, it doesn't mean you have to give up. I've had many a week where I didn't lose any weight or what I expected to lose, but I understand and accept that this is an on going journey....a marathon, not a sprint.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself. We all slip , it's apart of the process. The keys is learning from it. What did you learn? How did it make you feel?
    Just get back on track today.

  3. Well get your a** up and BACK ON TRACK!!!
    we all fall off and celebrating is good for anyone.
    Every day is a new day so make this one a great one.

  4. You can't be 100% on it 100% of the time. There will be moments where you fall of track but the most important thing is that you learn from it and grow. And you have got to forgive yourself and move on. I need to be telling that to myself.

    I get frustated when I read some blogs and it seems as though the blogger never has any slip ups and they are perfect. It makes me feel like why am I having such a hard time? I decided to stop comparing myself to other people and just keep it real!

    This might be the first of few or many slip ups. Just remember when you fall, get right back up!

  5. It's o.k-really it is. There's nothing wrong with you & it's going to be alright. Do what you need to make yourself happy! And one itty - bitty piece of advice...: DON'T STARVE YOURSELF because you feel bad. All your body will do is hold on even tighter to the excess poundage!! Be kind to yourself, you're a smart girl and you have alot to offer!! :)

    Here for you

  6. I am glad to hear that you are not letting a few days of being "off" ruin your attitude or determination! You will succeed this time - its all about checks and balances, Every day is not going to be stellar - its about life, not a diet, and I can see you totally have this! Good for you!

  7. I did a blog about the stages of weight loss today on my blog. It looks like you are in the settling in stage. Don't worry this stage doesn't last forever and you can definately push past it.

  8. Way to go getting refocused! I know you hear this all the time but, it happens to all of us but, the most important thing is that you get back up!!! Get it Girl!!!