Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Support & Friends

As you all know by now, Wednesdays are my weigh in days.  My mother and I talk every single day and without fail every Wednesday she asks "So how'd you do this morning?"  And I LOVE THAT!  It is so great to have someone to support me, who is genuinely interested in my weight loss journey, and who I can talk to about it as much and as long as I want!

I surely am enjoying your comments and reading all of your blogs.  I check for new posts intermittently throughout the day and love reading about your successes, advice and even struggles.  Thank God for the blogging community.  I realized today, when I speak to my "real life" friends - I find myself babbling on and on about weight loss, nutrition, working out, etc. After my friend asks about how school is going, they ask if anything else is new and then I mention my diet.  It seems like once I get started I can't stop!  As I go further into details, I realize my friends who are obese have checked out of the conversation and I have to stop myself.  They are probably on the other end like

I realized today that unintentionally I go into WAY more detail than necessary when someone is seeking a chatty, catch-up on things type of conversation.  However, my friends who may only have a few pounds to lose or none at all seem to respond much more positively than those who are larger.  They seem to be more interested in exactly what I am doing and their congratulations are more enthusiastic.  I realize that with my more overweight friends, I need to back off and stop spewing my newly found love for fitness and weight loss.  It is just like the happy newlywed who constantly goes on and on about how great married life is to their unhappy single friend who has been a bridesmaid 10 times!  Sooooo, I've decided to limit my weight loss convo to those folk, as I do with school (who is really interested in the details of the pathology of the esophagus?) to avoid alienating them.  I will still share because they after all are happy for me, but I won't go through the stories from each blog I read, every success story I come across and my weekly grocery and meal plan as I had been doing!  LOL.  Hey, what can I say - I'm HOOKED!

Thank God for my mother and all of you......I can go on and on as much as I want!!!!


  1. You're doing great and feeling even better...who wouldn't wanna share that news?

    My 'real Life" friend have no FRIGGIN choice I force it down thier throats..LMAO

    it keeps them on thier toes!

  2. I wouldn't stop...you never know just when you will inspire someone to do the same! I was told this several months into my journey, that what I was doing inspired them to start becoming healthier, and it nearly made my jaw drop, but made me feel great at the same time. It is truly contagious, so don't quell your enthusiasm!

  3. Hey girl, thanks for stopping by the blog. As far as keeping to a home workout schedule... I totally get issues with it sometimes. Why? Cause my bed and couch can talk and they constantly beg me to spend time with them! :)

    But seriously, I lost about 30 lbs. of my 45 lbs. with at-home workouts. I only signed up for a gym late last year.

    For me it's about keeping things mixed up so I have a ton of dvd's and workout equipment. The most important thing to do is to keep your promise that you made to yourself. I know you wouldn't want to break a promise to your friends or family, so why should yourself be any different? I know it's easier said than done, but look at the awesome job you've done so far! It's just a matter of finding things that motivate you. For me, Tuesday nights are Lost nights, so if I don't workout, I don't get to watch that week. And you know if you miss an episode of Lost, well you get lost with the ENTIRE series!

    Just keep doing what you're doing. Let me know if you need suggestions for workout dvds... I seriously have a ton!

  4. And as far as your post... I think that's the general trend when talking about exercise/nutrition with "bigger" people. I get that a lot too.

    I feel like it just reminds them of what they should be doing also... I know cause that's how I felt when people USED to talk to me about it when I was at my heaviest.

    But you should be damn proud of yourself so don't let others take away from your joy... seriously!

  5. I've noticed the same thing. With my friends who are happy with their weight, they tend to be interested in my own weight loss and what I'm doing. But the friends who struggle with weight issues don't want to talk - they NEVER mention my weight loss or ask how I'm doing. It's interesting!

  6. It's almost like a curtain comes up when people who struggle with their weight find out about my story. Either that, or the flood gates open and they tell me their ENTIRE story. I find it all fascinating.

    You are so lucky that your mom is so supportive!

  7. HAHA. I do that as well. I am always telling people how many pts everything I shove in my mouth is. The other day a guy was shoveling good down and when I finished I said "you just ate 18 pts"!!!

  8. OMG...I am feeling you!!! The same thing happened to me and it inspired a post I refer to as Hater-Aid.

    You know I started to feel a little resentment towards my "friends" b/c I always provide support to them for all occasions: graduation, promotions, school triumphs, every time their kids farted, EVERYTHING! And it still pisses me off that I find something that I am passionate about but they can't get past their own insecurities to be happy for me.

    And let me tell you the straw that broke the camels back. At the beginning of last year we all agreed to a weight loss challenge. One of them planned the challenge and designated the rewards for the winner. So for the first couple of months everybody was gung ho, but as the new year's resolutions started to fade so did the challenge excitement. Well, at a slumber party we planned we decided the winner would be announced.

    I already knew they weren't going to honor the challenge, so I just kept my mouth shut. Well finally about 1/2 way through the party someone shouted, "Who won the challenge?" Somebody else then said I guess Trina. I was like, aint this some sh*t! My bad...I'm venting. How much do I owe you for the session...lol

    Definitely read my haters post. I posted the link earlier in my comment. Sometimes people can't handle when you decide to lose weight. It's like a misery loves company type of thing.

  9. Oh yeah I think we all have experienced the haters. Don't be surprised to see as you're figure decreases they will grow further and further apart from you. But losing weight and getting healthy will definitely let you see who you're true friends are. Girl you just need to keep doing what you're doing and forget how they act. You're doing the right thing by not updating them on weight lost goals. YOu got us and your mom so who need the haters, LOL!!

  10. The blogsphere really is a great way to keep the motivation up. It's also an amazing accountability partner because man, I hate posting about failures and things I CAN'T do because it just makes me even more vulnerable since everyone can read it.

    My real life friends have been following via Google Buzz and I've only gotten positive feedback and encouragement. It's amazing. It really makes things all that better.

    It's true though. Sometimes the more overweight people don't want to hear success stories because it's like slapping them in the face with a big dose of truth. But you never know. There might just be that one person that you inspire to completely change their life so keep preaching sister!