Monday, March 29, 2010

Church Sabbotage!!!

That's right....the place you'd not expect to have any trouble with food!!!  CHURCH!  This weekend my church had their 147th Anniversary celebration.  With every service and program, food was served.  Originally from NJ, I now live in the south - and it was good ole down home cooking!  Fried chicken, hot water cornbread, sweet potatoes (with tons of sugar), macaroni & cheese, tons of cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, sweet tea, lemonade - AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! 

I did well the first day...even the second day....but SUNDAY got me!  I was hit & miss - one good decision followed by a not-so-smart decision.  I opted for the baked (not fried) chicken (with a ton of salt) but instead of taking the skin off as I should've, I ate it....and SAVORED IT!  I had a drop of mac n' cheese (not much about 1/4 c), but passed on the cornbread, had green beans (with a ton of salt), but had some sweet potatoes (OMG, they were good!), chose water, but had a piece of chocolate chocolate cake. 

The only thing I wish I hadn't done was had the cake.  The other choices, I can live with - after all I am human and they weren't terrible choices.  I didn't have huge portions either.  But that was calling me.  I originally did not take a piece, but then, as I was sitting at my table, person after person sat next to me with desert!  And I was feeling good because my belt was 2 slots further than it was before Christmas!  So, I figured, okay, I will indulge.  I'm not devastated or anything by my choices, but definitely reflecting on them.  Dang that chocolate cake!!!


  1. Hey, I enjoyed reading your post, I've not read all of them yet, still getting used to Blogger/blogspot lol.
    We all have days where we slip up a bit, just remember the feeling you had AFTER you had that cake and tourture yourself with it everytime you're tempted.
    Plus, if you like your salt, cut back bit by bit slowly, soon you'll find that you don't even WANT any :)
    I'm on my weight loss journey too, I've lost 19 lbs since 4th Jan 2010.
    Good luck with the diet :)
    I'm becoming a follower of yours now :)

  2. We all need a treat from time to time! I think you made some great choices!!

  3. It sounds to me like you made enough good choices that the cake won't make or break you. Are you a real salt-a-holic? I'd much rather have a salty food than a sweet food any day.

  4. Sounds to me like you made some great choices in the face of all of that! I for one am proud of you! I am also glad that you realize that you didn't do anything wrong, either. Sounds like a yummy spread!

  5. My husband LOVES church social functions. He just eats and eats. In our church very few people make anything healthy so it can be very challenging to made good choices.

    It does seem to me like you did really well

  6. You know what that happens to me quite often. Well actually the fried chicken hasn't happened in a while bc I currently live in Thailand but the making the right choeces part. Right now I miss "home cooking" so much I think I would walk to the states from Thailand lol but you cannot always make healthy choices. Let's be honest. Do women that weigh 120 ALWAYS make the best choices? No. But they are aware of what they eat most of the time. That is why I don't tell myself what I can and cannot have. I just write it all down to hold me accountable. This way I can have WHATEVER I want within my caloric limits for the day. If I want a cookie- I HAVE ONE- and I get over it. I'm glad that you ate what you wanted, but what I am more interested in is what you did the rest of the day? Did you try to be aware of what you were eating? Did you make better choices the next day and so on? Cheers to being consistent and making better choices INSTEAD of trying to be perfect.

  7. I have no forbidden foods. I refuse to feel guilty for eating chocolate. When I really do want it, I eat a serving. I always make sure I know how many calories are in the foods I eat. That keeps me on track. I have found during my many past failures at losing weight that if I cut stuff out of my 'diet' I end up craving those things with an incredibly strong passion. Much easier my new way of eating exactly what I want but portioned. And more fun :-)