Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weigh-In (Week 6) - Trying to stay positive

This is my 6th official week on the Fat Smash Diet.  I weighed in this morning and the scale read 166.8, which means that lost 0.2 lbs this week.  I know I should keep a positive attitude because a loss is a loss...but quite frankly I'M PISSED!  I worked out more, drank more water, & tracked what I was eating yet I still haven't hit 1 lb per week for the past 2 weeks.  What gives?!?!   Yesterday I worked out harder than I have since I've started!  I understand that muscle weighs more and all of the physiology, but I am still capable of losing at least 1 freakin' pound in 7 days!!!  It is re-evaluation time...

I had to check my calendar for the official start of my journey - January 18th was Day One.  That means that in 6 weeks I have lost a total of 6.6 lbs, which gives me an average of 1 lb per I can't help but be happy with that progress.  That made me a little less manic...I have to remember to stop focusing on where I want to be and congratulate myself on the successes I've had so far.  It is too early for me to be plateauing so I just can't figure it out.  Yes, I am feeling upset and disappointed, but not enough to quit!  Not at all, not by a long shot.  On the contrary, I feel my scale has challenged me and landed the first punch.  And I am definitely going to fight back!  I will up the intensity of my workouts (adding resistance to the elliptical and walking on a higher incline on the treadmill) and sticking to my diet plan to the letter "T."  I really do not want to go back to Phase I but if I have just one more bad week, back to ONE it is...literally! 

As my weight loss ticker says Weight Loss is a Journey, Not a Destination!  Yes, I'm feeling a little down and disappointed now but the good thing is that I am motivated to work hard as hell tonight at the gym!  I'm in a battle with my scale and trust I will come out on top!!! *Doing the Rocky Dance*


  1. Don't be discouraged...1 lb a week is really really good and look at all the healthy habits you've started.
    It might be muscle that you are gaining which means that you will drop more weight.....
    I love your spirit. I really do.
    Let's Get it!!!!
    *a suggestion...don't weigh yourself for 2 WHOLE weeks....that scal can really throw me off sometimes....
    Have a GREAT DAY!

  2. If you're working out hard, the scale is not going to jive with what you're doing for a while. When you push your muscles, they retain water. Water retention = false weight gain on the scale.
    Give it a few weeks of working out at your new intensity - the scale will catch up!

  3. Let me just tell you the scale drives me absolutely crazy!! And even though we love those NSV, we still want to see the number on the scale decrease. I've been battling with this stupid scale since Decemeber now. I'm just figuring out what works for my body. This month I've discovered that apparently my body does not like carbs or sugar. Even though I was eating good carbs, the scale still wasn't moving. Recently I've cut back alot on my carbs and sugar and I'm seeing the scale begin to move again.I mean I know fruit is good for you, but I may just have it twice a week. That's it.It's working so I'm sticking with it. You definitely have the right attitude. As long as you keep doing what your doing the scale will finally start to read in your favor. I mean it just has to, right?! LOL. hang in there!! and just find what works for you. :-)

  4. Well, I will say the little losses add up but you probably don't want to hear that right now b/c I don't when I bust my butt and the scale doesn't show me love. Take your measurements. I measured myself in January, forget about the measurement, and had my mom measure me again last week! I was amazed to see I had lost 2 inches in almost all areas.