Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heading back to Phase I

So...I did my weekly grocery shopping today.  And as I perused the produce aisle, which is always my first stop, I thought about which meals I wanted to cook this week.  I picked up some clementines, apple slices and cantaloupe and thought "Hmmm, this is a lot of fruit for just me." I live alone and fruit is just too expensive to OVERbuy & allow to go bad, but try as I might, I didn't want to put any of it back.  Then I picked up some bagged salad, broccoli, cauliflower, and zucchini...thinking again, wow this is a lot for just me!  But again, I was truly WANTING these foods!  The entire reason I shop frequently for food is because I want to make sure I always have foods that I want on hand instead of scrounging around whatever I happen to have on hand.  So my thought is by having foods that I truly desire, I will be less tempted to eat "bad" foods.  So as I thought about which meals I could make with these items, I decided this would be the perfect week for me to go back to Phase I - no meats.  I also did not purchase any fruit juice, I need to drink way more water than I have been doing.  I stocked up on frozen veggies also because there was an awesome sale on the generic brand and got some yogurt as well.  I highly doubt that I will be bored and since I will not be weighing myself this week, I really am excited to be restarting Phase I.  Half the battle is being stocked with the proper weapons (as we all know) so I am feeling great about all the great eats and meals I will be having this week.  Some of the things I plan to cook are black bean soup, salad, steamed veggies with teriyaki sauce, vegetable soup, and mexican bean casserole.  I don't know if I will make all if it this week, but I am definitely just as excited about my menu as any that I would order from at a restaurants.

And I worked out 5 days last week!  WHOOO-HOOOO!!!!!

Looking forward to next Wednesday...


  1. Good for you on the 5 day workout! I didn't work out a single day but plan on changing that this week. :-)

  2. Working out 5 days per week wow! I hate exercise with a passion. I admire your dedication.

    -Zan (zanandrob)

  3. Great job so far! And I too tend to buy too much fruits veggies for me... I must throw away $10 every week!

  4. Great job on the workouts! I'm so glad for you.