Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gym Playlist: Gospel Edition

I used to have a "gym" playlist on my Ipod which consisted mainly of hip-hop and reggaeton.  Really upbeat music to get me moving quickly.  I realized I've played that out.  After all the list was like 5 years old!!!  LOL.  So I've come up with some new playlists and the one that has REALLY been helping to keep me motivated is my gospel playlist.  Once I hit play I start bopping along on whichever cardio machine I am on, waving my hands, praising God and I don't even notice the time as it goes by!!!  I have pre-workout stretch, post workout stretch and cool down songs included. The "meat" of the playlist is just about 1 hour - so its a great tool even if I am walking outside.  So I thought I would share my list with you ladies just in case you were looking for inspiration or more music to workout to:

Pre-Workout Stretch:  Job's Song (Blessed) - Hezekiah Walker
  1. I Will Bless the Lord - Byron Cage
  2. Back to Eden - Donald Lawrence
  3. I'm Walking In Authority - Donnie McClurkin
  4. Souled Out - Hezekiah Walker
  5. Giants - Donald Lawrence
  6. Bounce Back - Kevin Davidson
  7. Search me Lord - Ricky G
  8. Never Seen the Righteous - Donald Lawrence
  9. The Blessing of Abraham - Donald Lawrence
  10. Celebrate - Ted & Sheri
  11. Livin' - The Clark Sisters
  12. Incredible God, Incredible Praise - James Hairston (Cool down)
Post Workout Stretch:  I Almost Let Go - Kurt Carr 

Even if my music doesn't suit your tastes I've learned that assembling music on your Ipod or MP3 player in a specific order (warm up, hard workout, cooldown) really helps keep you on track and moving at a steady pace throughout your workout.  Making a playlist that is the length of the time you want to workout helps also.  Hope this helps someone!

At the advice of Ro - I will not be weighing myself for 2 weeks!!!  Thank you, girl for your encouragement and advice!!!


  1. I call my gospel list...witness fitness! I'm going to check out some of your tracks. I am always looking for good music.

  2. i was looking for suggestions for a playlist, thanks, i love all of those songs.

  3. Great playlist! That will be perfect for home gyms!