Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How do you meet your caloric requirement?!?!?!

I recently was inspired my Trina @ Ah Me So Hongry to begin tracking what I eat.  As I've said in previous posts The Fat Smash Diet does not require any type of calorie counting but I know that writing helps keep me on track.  Plus if I am doing something wrong...I can figure out what I am doing or not doing.  I've began utilizing the online tool called My Plate @ LiveStrong.com.  I realize that on the days I feel I am "eating well"  I am usually consuming less than 1,000 calories!  I know this is on the LOW side and could be a culprit in me not dropping the pounds as quickly as I would like.  However, these are days where had I not been tracking I'd otherwise feel like OMG I AM ON IT!  Let's examine today for example.

Today I ate:
  • Breakfast:  4 clementines (these were so sweet!) & 1 Dannon Lit & Fit Yogurt
  • Lunch:  Caesar Salad with Ken's Light Dressing (no meat, back to Phase I remember)
  • Dinner:  Black beans and brown rice (approx 1.5 cups), Cantaloupe
  • Snacks:  Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding, Apple Bites package, Quaker Lowfat Oatmeal Raisin Granola Bar, Extra Fruit Sensations gum
  • Water...
So - I've only consumed about 950 calories today total.  And that was with me concentrating on eating more!  Ordinarily I would think "Wow, I did awesome today!!!"  I mean I had plenty of water, ate 5 servings of fruits/veggies, plus I worked out today!  But I simply don't think I am eating enough!!!  I  will be adding protein smoothies to my daily diet as a post-workout rebuilder.  So that will give me an extra 160 calories.  I feel like I have to really concentrate to make sure that I don't undereat.  Like I could easily just have fruit alone as snacks but if you remove the pudding and granola bar then I'm right back at being under my daily target; I want to always eat at least 1000-1200 calories.  From my education and research, consuming less calories than that is just not healthy!!!

I guess I just have to find my balance and have more growing to do to learn HOW to eat healthy.  ***NEW THOUGHT:  perhaps it is harder since I've gone back to phase I...I'm sure once I have meat again, those numbers will jump up!!!***  Even the days I am eating meat, I will need to practice to find my balance, but realizing that I am not eating an entire food group right now makes me feel better about my "numbers." :-)

Jess & Trina - I love your responses on my March Goals post!  Can't wait to see how we all do!


  1. I under eat on days I don't track. I always Wow I did great today but then if I were to go back and figure it out I would see it wasn't nearly enough and as it turns out that will a week that I don't get good results on the scale.

  2. it looks like you are eating a nice healthy assortment - right now my problem tends to be on the other side - eating too much

  3. Haha, can't say I ever this problem. Usually for me it's like, "Crap, it's dinner time and I've already had 1000 calories!" :) But yeah, I think once you're eating meat again that should help for sure. Or even just maybe try to add a bit more to your breakfast--fruit and yogurt really isn't much.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog!